MacBook Air teardown reveals bigger battery and PCIe SSD

first_imgApple announced new models of the MacBook Air 11-inch and 13-inch on Monday during the WWDC keynote, and as we’ve come to expect, it didn’t take very long for iFixit to get their hands on one and take it apart.The new Airs are being marketed by Apple as having much longer battery life (12 hours on the 13-inch model), Intel’s new, faster and lower power Haswell processors, and a much faster SSD than the previous generation laptops.Apple’s products never score high for repairability, and the new Airs are no exception. You still need a special tool to get the case open, the RAM is soldered in place, and many of the components are proprietary. The updated components inside are also different sizes to the previous models, meaning you don’t have an upgrade path. Overall, iFixit awarded the MacBook Air 2013 a score of 4/10 for repairability.As to interesting discoveries iFixit made inside the new Air, there were a few. Top of the list has to be the fact that 12 hour battery life hasn’t just come from switching over to Intel’s Haswell processors. Apple has managed to increase the size of the battery, too. It’s now a 7.6V 7150mAh battery where as the older model only used a 7.3V 6700mAh solution.The claimed faster all-flash storage has been achieved by switching from a SATA to a PCIe SSD. The old model used a Toshiba SATA-connected SSD, but Apple has called upon its rival Samsung for a PCIe SSD part this time, which also managed to be smaller than the one used in last year’s Air.Other things worth mentioning are the redesigned Airport card that allows 802.11ac connectivity and fits in last year’s Air logic board, but is too long to be seated correctly. The iSight camera cable connector has been removed, and the dual microphone design is just a simple extension to last year’s component. Finally, the heatsink now extends to cover both the Haswell processor and platform controller hub, which is a better cooling solution than last year’s Air.So overall, if you’re about to purchase a MacBook Air it was worth waiting for the improvements included in the latest model. But make sure you get the options you want when purchasing, as there’s no way you can upgrade components later on.last_img read more

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first_imgasiaBuffalo ToursResponsible tourismSustainable Plastic waste is one of the most urgent environmental challenges currently facing Asia, with increased tourism playing a significant role in intensifying a bad situation, and Buffalo Tours is committed to taking steps to drastically reduce its contribution to the problem.The company is now providing the option to use refillable water bottles on group tours, instead of single-use plastic. So far this has resulted in a reduction of plastic waste by over 200,000 water bottles in less than a year. “We believe that responsible travel can be achieved by offering sustainable alternatives to our customers, without compromising on service and comfort. We are delighted to see how small changes can result in dramatic progress,” said Greg Martin, General Manager, Buffalo Tours Australia & New Zealand.Buffalo Tours is further reducing its impact on the environment by replacing other forms of single-use plastic with 100% biodegradable and environmentally-friendly alternatives. This includes individually wrapped food, beverage and hygiene items.“This is a global problem that requires a global effort to solve. It is estimated that almost two thirds of all plastic waste in our oceans originate in Asia. This is believed to be one of the biggest threats to coral reefs in Asia-Pacific, from Thailand to Australia,” said Malte Blas, Responsible Travel Advisory Board, Buffalo Tours.Hotels and tour operators are a significant contributor to plastic waste, providing every guest with several complimentary water bottles each day. Waste management in many popular tourist destinations, such as Bali, are simply not adequately equipped to deal with the issue.“We have a duty to keep our guests hydrated and happy, but we also have a duty towards the environment. By offering travellers an alternative to single-use plastic bottles, even if we only save one bottle per person each day, it has a huge impact,” said Peter Christiansen, Country Manager, Buffalo Tours Indonesia.CLICK HERE for Buffalo Tours’ Responsible Travel eBook.last_img read more