After Jinder Mahal’s Success in WWE; Gama Singh To Head Desi Hit Squad Faction In Impact Wrestling

first_imgWrestling, as a sport, in India is a huge craze amongst Indian public. For a long time, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been a sole source of wrestling entertainment for the fans in India. Other wrestling companies tried their level best to eat a chunk of that share, but have not been able to compete with WWE on that front.Read it at Latestly Related Itemslast_img

The legend of King Kohli

first_imgJune 11, 2017, Oval, London. India were playing a virtual knockout match against South Africa for a place in the Champions Trophy semi-final. They had lost rather unexpectedly to unfancied Sri Lanka two days ago at the same venue, and this was a make-or-break contest. Ontop of the pressures of,June 11, 2017, Oval, London. India were playing a virtual knockout match against South Africa for a place in the Champions Trophy semi-final. They had lost rather unexpectedly to unfancied Sri Lanka two days ago at the same venue, and this was a make-or-break contest. Ontop of the pressures of a high-stakes match against the world’s number one ODI team was all the ambient media noise about frictions between captain and coach (Anil Kumble). For Virat Kohli, the captain, it was a match of immense significance.Riding on a sharp bowling performance, India made an easy game of it. And Virat, as he has done so often through the year, anchored the run chase, remaining unbeaten on 76 to close out the game. But despite winning at a canter, the skipper seemed unmoved, he wasn’t to be swayed by the flood of praise.June 18, 2017, Oval, London. India lost the Champions Trophy final to Pakistan and Virat Kohli scored a duck. Within moments of the match getting over, Kohli was trolled on social media and called all kinds of names by furious fans lashing out for the great letdown. The defeat had hurt him more than anyone else but having played sport at the highest level for over a decade, he was no stranger to the extreme love-hate of fans. He knew well how cricketers in India are deities one day and fallen angels the next.As it turned out, the Champions Trophy final was an aberration in an otherwise glorious year for Virat. His 2,818 international runs in calendar 2017 is the third highest ever in history, and only 46 runs shy of the record held by Kumar Sangakkara (2,868 runs in 2014); he has nine back-to-back series wins as captain; and six 200-plus scores in the past 17 months, that’s special by even his own super-achieving standards. Quite aside from the high averages in all formats of the game, the most certain measure of his mastery and domination of the field is that he occupies pole position in the ICC rankings in the two shorter formats and is at #2 in Tests (behind Steve Smith of Australia). For perspective, no other batsman in the world features among the ICC Top 5 in all three formats. The captain-coach spat is long forgotten, and the year has ended with the fairytale flourish of a grand wedding.advertisementThe Transformation of Virat KohliPerth, January 2012. The Australians, as they often do, had managed to get under Virat’s skin. Not able to handle the heckling from spectators, Kohli descended to low-level combat: showing the middle finger to a particularly noisy section of the crowd after they called him a ‘wanker’. The anger (mis)management was a feature of early Kohli, and there were concerns if it would get in the way of a full blossoming of his talent.Two months down the line, it was a very different story. Kohli had just scored a match-winning 183 against Pakistan in Dhaka in a match that had ended close to midnight. The media, present in strength, was waiting for the Kohli sound bite before filing their match reports. At Mirpur, the press conference enclosure is on the opposite side of the pavilion and one has to trek across the ground to reach the media enclosure. On his way to the media centre, Virat suddenly stopped, turned and started jogging towards a section of his fans in the stands. Some 2,000 spectators had stayed back after the match and were still screaming “Kohli, Kohli” with gusto. Virat, to the surprise of many present, decided to oblige them first with photographs and autographs before turning his attention to the media. He was fully aware, of course, of what he was doing, and he even apologised to the media contingent as soon as he entered the press conference room.The transformation had begun.A new maturity, a new composure now seemed to cloak the aggressive on-field persona. In November 2013, after playing his 200th Test and his last international, Sachin Tendulkar sat in the Wankhede dressing room, all by himself, contemplating the moment. Here’s what happened next, in his own words: “Virat walked up to me. I could see tears in his eyes as he approached me and held out a gift for me. It was evidently something very close to his heart. He said his dad had given it to him (a family heirloom for good luck) and he’d always wondered who he would pass it on to. I was speechless that he’d considered me worthy of such a rare honour. As we hugged, a lump had started to form in my throat, and I asked Virat to leave before I burst into tears.”advertisementBy 2016-17, when Virat fully took over the captaincy, in all formats, the transformation was complete. Still combative and always a straight shooter, he was unafraid to call the Australian captain a cheat without ever using the word or taking on the media for criticising MS Dhoni and questioning his place in the team. The man has the unqualified loyalty of the squad and the support staff. He wasn’t perturbed by the cutting words of outgoing coach Anil Kumble nor by the backlash on social media prompted by the Kumble ouster. He was quite matter of fact when he said to me: “I have to take responsibility for my actions just as I take credit for my success? The media too has a job to do. They are within their rights to criticise me. My job as the captain of the Indian cricket team is to lead the team to the best of my ability. As long as I am true to my calling and prepare the best every time I step out to lead India, I’m not concerned about what is being said or written about me. I know how hard I work and as long as my preparations are going the way I want them to, the results will come.”Photo: Virat.Kohli/InstagramThis extreme self-assurance, mistaken for arrogance by some, is also key to understanding the Virat Kohli phenomenon. That, and what Tendulkar describes as his “peripheral vision”. “He can read the game brilliantly and can anticipate the run of play well in advance. That’s what makes him stand out.” Sachin might even be crediting him with a kind of cricketing prescience, apart from the ability to pace his knock to a nicety. “That’s why he is so good in a run chase. He knows and understands where a match can be [before it gets to that point], which helps him marshal his resources better.”Said peripheral vision was eloquently on show when India chased down a formidable Australian total in the world T20 encounter in Mohali on 27 March 2016 and in the first Test against Sri Lanka in Kolkata 16-20 November 2017. In Mohali, Virat, to quote compatriot Ravichandran Ashwin, “hunted down the Australian total with great precision” and in Kolkata, he set up the game with a century on a pitch that was difficult for his bowlers. “It is as if he knows the grids of stadiums like a mathematician. He knows where the gaps are, and while chasing, the acceleration is just perfect. He is a role model for all of us,” says Ashwin, himself one of the brightest stars on India’s cricketing firmament, with a trophy record to his name of being the quickest (52 matches) to 300 Test wickets.Photo: Virat.Kohli/InstagramFor Sourav Ganguly, another Kohli fan, there’s daylight between Virat and the rest. “Maybe in Test cricket, Steve Smith is slightly ahead, but when you consider all formats of the game, it has to be Virat Kohli,” he says. In his reckoning, to watch him bat is to treat yourself. “He is the sort of player who’ll bring fans back to Test cricket,” Sourav gushes. Decoding the secret of this mastery of many formats, Sourav says: “Look at his shot selection closely. He never slogs. Even when he lifts the ball, it’s a conventional cricketing shot. Very rarely will you see him play a false stroke. Because he’s able to get runs effortlessly and able to score quickly across formats, he is never under pressure. And because he scores quickly, the bowler is always under pressure when bowling to him. He’s equally at home against pace and spin. Bounce does not faze him because he can play the pull shot to perfection. Which is why I think he’ll be successful in South Africa as well. And against spin, he can rely on his deft footwork.”advertisementFor David Warner, himself one of the best in the business, it’s down to self-belief: “He is a supremely confident batsman. His self-belief is what makes him different. Even if he is chasing 350, he knows he can swing the match in a matter of a few overs and is hardly ever under pressure. Someone who has scored 50 international hundreds in just nine years has to be a very good player.”Pankaj NangiaMail TodayClick here to EnlargeThe cult and business of fitnessThe other, already much-storied legacy of Virat is his obsession with fitness. The current Indian team is arguably the best fielding unit in the world across formats with Virat’s mantra of fitness becoming a way of life for his young team. Every second day, he posts a photo of his workout on social media. In matters of fitness, his benchmarks are not even only cricketers, and, as Sourav Ganguly says, he is possibly in the same league as Cristiano Ronaldo or Justin Gatlin or Wayde van Niekerk or Gareth Bale.From introducing high-altitude training into his own regimen to making the Yo-Yo Endurance Test compulsory for all India cricketers, Virat now wants to take the country with him on a fitness journey. “If we can get people to come out and play and take pride in doing so, we will become a healthier India,” he said while launching his own sport and lifestyle line One8, in collaboration with Puma, in November.The deal, valued at over Rs 100 crore over a period of eight years, brings to the fore the savvy businessman in Virat. While turning down cola advertisements because he doesn’t “believe in the product”, presumably because it doesn’t square with his ideals of fitness, Virat, India’s biggest brand, valued at $144 million, no longer believes in deals for a year or two. “Long-term associations mean he can influence brand campaigns and shape the product line in sync with his vision,” says a leading Indian brand expert. “He knows that sporting careers are short, with only a few purple patches? and is justifiably making the most of his current dominance.” Judging by the current run of play, the idealism Virat is holding out for in his product endorsements, which means getting selective and turning down potentially lucrative deals, is only working to his advantage. He is in a position to choose and his scrupulousness is only adding to the aura of his brand.Scruples and a sense of fair play are manifest in his handling of Dhoni, who is in the evening of his international career. Every time the media has attacked the former captain, Virat has come to his rescue. “I don’t understand why MSD is being singled out,” he thundered at a press conference on November 8. “This is very different from anything I have seen,” says Sourav. “I am delighted to see Virat is protecting Dhoni the way he is.” Do you hear a wish-it-were-so lament? Well, anyway, buoyed by the captain’s support, Dhoni has lately been a much more expressive version of himself on the field.A famous wedding and life hereafterFor Kohli, who is as public a celebrity figure as you’ll find, the line between his personal and professional life is firmly drawn. The decision to conduct his lavish-yet private-wedding at a heritage resort in Tuscany, Italy, and the way the whole event was choreographed, including the controlled access to media, speaks volumes about that commitment. Wedding over, he was happy to part the doors for breathless fans and media back at home: with the two grand receptions, in Delhi and Mumbai, he made it up to the media for his Italian escape. As while batting, so in life, Virat seems to possess a charmed sense of timing. The wedding, which came at the end of a year of high achievement, his most successful professional year so far, and after the acrimony of a captain-coach spat was happily behind him, seemed like a perfect way to sign off the year.Tough tests await in the new year. Despite the sheer scale of his achievements, the Virat story is still unfolding. A victory in any one of the away tours to South Africa, England and Australia will give him an aura of invincibility. Is Virat aware of the enormity of the task at hand? Does he know what failure in the next 12 months might do? Two separate reports in the last week of October 2017, both involving Kohli, both of which consumed a lot of newsprint, tell me he does. While the first celebrated Kohli as one of the world’s leading sports brands, the second speculated on his then likely marriage with actor-partner Anushka Sharma. What’s interesting in each of these cases is how Kohli was being consumed and appropriated. Of course, anything Kohli says/ does is news. That he may get married to Anushka was considered breaking news across media platforms. And the wedding earlier this month seemed to send a news-hungry media into an uncontrollable tizzy. Wedding photos went viral on Twitter every time a new one was posted and within days it was revealed that Virat had overtaken Shah Rukh Khan as India’s most valued brand. There’s a lot at stake and Virat knows the highs and lows of his trade.The last words on Kohli have not yet been written. Five years down the line, will he be hailed as India’s greatest batsman and finest captain, or will he go down as an autocrat who treated a legend like Kumble unfairly? Will it really matter to him how we label him? Does Kohli, the person, really care? My guess is he doesn’t deep down. He looks fully immersed in the moment, at peace with himself, in his gym, at training, in marriage and between those 22 yards. My guess is he won’t blink giving up multi-crore endorsement contracts. The space he occupies in his head is inviolate, he is all alone when he bats or trains. It’s a passionate human robot with precision focus. Virat is fashioning a young Indian side in the same mould of utter self-belief, and it seems to be paying off. So far. He will continue to polarise opinion, but he will give us results. As veteran all-rounder Ian Botham says: “The best thing about Virat is that he plays to win. No matter what the situation, he will still want to dominate and win matches. That’s what makes him special.”On the evidence of his exploits in 2017, no one will challenge that assertion.last_img read more

Rohit Sharma ‘touched by all the love’ a day after historic third ODI double hundred

first_imgRohit Sharma said he was still in a different zone a day after creating history with his third ODI double hundred. India’s stand-in captain smashed an unbeaten 208 as the hosts hammered Sri Lanka by 141 runs in the second ODI to draw level in the 3-match series.Rohit has two other double hundreds. His first, a polished 209 vs Australia in Bengaluru in 2013 had come in a series-decider while his second, a world-record 264 had been scored in a comeback match, also vs Sri Lanka in 2014.On Wednesday, Rohit, leading India for the second time had some pressure. After a crushing defeat in Dharamsala, India needed to win to stay alive in the series. After seeing off a tough passage of play on a cold and gloomy afternoon in Mohali, Rohit accelerated, first to get to his hundred in the 40th over. He then changed gears completely to bring up the second hundred in 36 balls as India finished with 392/4.WATCH FULL VIDEOA day after the stunning knock, Rohit tweeted to say it still felt like a dream.Touched by all the love pouring in! It still feels like a dream. Im just happy to have been able to register a win for our team and make our special day a little more special for the Mrs ??- Rohit Sharma (@ImRo45) December 14, 2017 After the match, Rohit had dedicated the double century to his wife Ritika Sajdeh, who watched her husband create history from the stands. The two previous double hundreds had come before Rohit had tied the knot with Ritika in December 2015.Explaining his ability to score double hundreds in ODIs, Rohit said there was no secret formula.advertisement”That is my style of play,” Rohit said in the post-match press briefing. “You are set and seeing the ball nice and hard and you have understood what the bowlers are trying to do by then, and it’s all about trying to play with the field once you get past 100. It’s all about you not making a mistake and getting out. I am not saying it’s impossible or difficult, but it’s very unlikely the bowlers are going to get you out once you have scored a hundred.””There is no secret or formula to it. You just have to bat and not make any mistake. The ground is good, the pitch is nice and hard, so you can trust the bounce and play the shots,” Rohit said.MUST WATCH: The Hitman @ImRo45 interview courtesy Head Coach @RaviShastriOfc in his style after the epic knock in Mohali. #TeamIndia #INDvSL BCCI (@BCCI) December 14, 2017No man had scored a double hundred in one-day internationals up until 2010. As many as seven have been scored since and three of them belong to Rohit. The other four – Tendulkar, Sehwag, Chris Gayle and Martin Guptill have one each.last_img read more

Mets Sign Cuddyer For $21M

first_imgNEW YORK — Eager to go on a long-overdue playoff run, the New York Mets realized they owed their pitching staff — and fans — a proven hitter.On Nov. 10, they got one.The Mets made baseball’s first splash of the offseason, agreeing with two-time All-Star outfielder Michael Cuddyer on a two-year deal worth $21 million.“Michael is a tremendous addition to the middle of our lineup,” General Manager Sandy Alderson said in a statement.The 2013 NL batting champion became the first top free agent to switch teams since the World Series. Cuddyer, who turns 36 in March, had until later in the day to decide whether to accept a $15.3 million qualifying offer from Colorado.“Sandy has talked about we’re looking to turn the corner here and start to compete in 2015,” Mets Assistant General Manager John Ricco told reporters at the GM meetings in Arizona.“I think this is a message that we’re going to be aggressive. Right out of the box we had a guy we liked, and we went and got him,” he said.When he’s healthy, Cuddyer hits. Even when he’s hurt, he still swings a serious bat. Cuddyer batted .332 with 10 home runs and 31 RBIs this year in a season interrupted by injuries.He was limited to 49 games and was on the disabled list three times because of a strained left shoulder and a strained left hamstring. From mid-April to early September, he spent of a part of each month on the DL.“He took a physical today. We’ve looked at all the injuries and there was nothing there that we were too concerned about,” Ricco said. “And the age is the age. Certainly there’s risk associated with any signing.”The Mets went 79-83 last season, their sixth straight losing year since moving into Citi Field. They are hoping to contend for their first playoff spot since 2006, boosted by a strong rotation helped by the return of ace Matt Harvey from Tommy John surgery.Hours after Cuddyer joined the Mets, Jacob deGrom won the NL Rookie of the Year award.“I’m really looking forward to next year, with Harvey returning and just being a part of that staff. And then signing a bat like that, l think next year is going to be exciting,” deGrom said.New York hit .239 last year, 28th in the majors, and wanted to add a hitter or two this offseason. Their fans pointed to another stat — playing in a major market, they finished the regular season 21st in payroll at under $93 million — and hoped the team would spend what it took to improve.Cuddyer made 35 starts in right field last year, along with 11 at first base and two at third.He joins a lineup where Daniel Murphy was the leading hitter at .289. All-Star third baseman David Wright had a down season and finished with an injured shoulder, while first baseman Lucas Duda provided pop with 30 home runs.Wright and Cuddyer are friends from the same region of Virginia, and have spent offseasons working out together and playing racquetball.In the Mets’ outfield, Juan Lagares won a Gold Glove last week in center. Curtis Granderson hit .227 with 20 homers while mostly playing right and Chris Young, Eric Young Jr. and several others shared left.Cuddyer hit .331 with the Rockies in 2013, along with 20 home runs and 84 RBIs. He was the NL’s starting designated hitter in the All-Star game that year at Citi Field.The Mets are moving in the fences in right field at Citi Field for next season. A right-handed hitter, Cuddyer has sprayed the ball around over the years.Cuddyer is a .279 hitter with a .347 on-base percentage in 14 seasons with Colorado and Minnesota. He hit a career-high 32 homers in 2009 with the Twins.In his three years with the Rockies, he batted .329 at hitter-friendly Coors Field and .286 on the road. “This is a guy who is a professional hitter,” Ricco said. “He’s been in both leagues and had success everywhere.”Cuddyer played in the postseason in six years with Minnesota, hitting .338 in 22 playoff games. He will get $8.5 million next season and $12.5 million in 2016.By signing Cuddyer, the Mets lose their first-round draft pick in June, the 15th choice overall. Colorado gets an extra pick between the first and second round.The Rockies lost 96 games last season, second-most in the majors to Arizona’s 98, with Carlos Gonzalez, Charlie Blackmon and Corey Dickerson in the outfield along with Cuddyer.TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

IOC Signs 100-Year Swiss Lease

first_imgLAUSANNE, Switzerland — With the IOC celebrating 100 years in Switzerland, the Olympic body is already planning to stay in Lausanne for another century.The International Olympic Committee held a series of ceremonies with local officials on April 10 to mark the anniversary of the April 10, 1915, date when modern Olympics founder Pierre de Coubertin decided to establish the headquarters in Lausanne.IOC President Thomas Bach says “it was the right decision to take then and it still is now.”The IOC is building new headquarters on the same site to bring all its 500 employees under one roof.The IOC says “with the consolidation of its headquarters, the IOC is further establishing itself in Lausanne for another 100 years.”The statement adds: “Indeed, the city of Lausanne has accepted to grant the IOC a lease until 2115.”TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Shubman Gill ready for international cricket: Chief Selector MSK Prasad

first_imgShubman Gill has received his maiden India call-up as a replacement for KL Rahul in the Indian squad for the limited-overs tour of New Zealand, which starts later this month, and the chairman of selector MSK Prasad feels the enormously talented Punjab batsman is now ready for international cricket.”Shubman is comfortable both opening the innings as well as playing in the middle-order. For New Zealand series, we are looking at him as the reserve opener behind Shikhar (Dhawan) and Rohit (Sharma). I won’t comment if he will make it to World Cup but he was phenomenal as an opener for India A in New Zealand,” Prasad said.”We have discussed with Rahul (Dravid), that Shubman is ready for international cricket. The best part is the clutch of A tours which has made all these players battle ready for the biggest challenge,” Prasad added.Prasad also said that Rishabh Pant is a “champion cricketer in the making”, who is very much in the mix for the 2019 India’s World Cup campaign for his ability to seamlessly switch formats.After being “rested” for the ODI series against Australia and New Zealand, there have been conjectures about his place in the England-bound squad but Prasad set the record straight about selection committee’s plans about talents such as Pant and Shubman Gill. “Rishabh Pant played three T20s and four Test matches in Australia and that had an impact on his body. He needed complete rest for two weeks and then we will take a call on how many matches he will play against England Lions. Let me put it straight, he is very much in our World Cup plans. He is a champion player in the making and even he is not fully aware the kind of potential he has,” Prasad told PTI in an exclusive interview.advertisementPrasad is happy that Pant is now understanding what skipper Virat Kohli and coach Ravi Shastri expect of him and Sydney was a testimony to that.”Ravi and Virat had advised him to put his head down and respect the match situation and he did exactly that. He proved that he can switch gears seamlessly. When we picked him for Tests, experts were sceptical about his keeping but 11 catches in a Test in England, record dismissals in Australia series proves that selection committee is vindicated,” the former India keeper stated.The likes of Hanuma Vihari, Mayank Agarwal, Prithvi Shaw, Khaleel Ahmed have all been impressive in international cricket and that makes Prasad very happy.”I regularly discuss the progress of the players with Ravi and Rahul. Have a look at how we have planned a player’s progression from Ranji Trophy, A team to senior team. Look at Hanuma Vihari and Mayank Agarwal. They don’t look intimidated when thrown into the deep end of the pool,” said Prasad.For him and his colleagues, one of the biggest plus points has been taking the risk of unleashing two wrist spinners in Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal in the ODI set-up, replacing Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja.”We received flak when we had replaced world’s No 1 and 2 spinner (as per ICC Rankings) with two young wrist spinners. One and half years down the line, they (Kuldeep and Chahal) have had contribution in at least 70 percent of India’s limited overs wins,” the satisfaction was evident in his voice. While Kuldeep is now firmly in the Test team mix after his five-wicket haul in Sydney but Prasad reckons that he still has “some way to go” as Ashwin and Jadeja are still the country’s premier spinners in the longest format.The chairman of selectors also spoke about how they had to go against the popular sentiment when they rested Jasprit Bumrah for the two Tests against the West Indies.”Trust me, had Jasprit played those two Tests against West Indies, he wouldn’t have played all four Test against Australia. The support staff has really monitored him well. He is now fitter and stronger and with Bharath Arun continuously working with him, he has improved as a bowler,” Prasad was all praise for him.”But a lot of credit should go to Jasprit because Arun gave him a plan but it was up to him to make the effort to implement the plan. He has really worked hard. When we first picked him, so many were sceptical whether it was prudent to pick a white ball specialist but at the end of the year, we can all see the results.”Mohammed Shami’s peak fitness during the season and his ability to bowl at the same speed during third and fourth spell could be attributed to the Bengal speedster’s new-found love for following fitness regimen.advertisement”Shami was one such bowler, who has of late started enjoying fitness routines, which wasn’t the case earlier. Trainer Shankar Basu has prepared an exclusive chart for him, which he follows religiously now.”His craft as a fast bowler was never doubted but it was his fitness that used to let him down. If you saw, he was bowling 140 plus in the last Tests in England and Australia. Shami’s fitness has been the biggest plus for him,” Prasad concluded.Also Read | How Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul got into trouble for Koffee with Karan: A timelineAlso Read | Not thinking about about World Cup, says Vijay Shankar after India ODI call-upAlso Read | India vs Australia: Ambati Rayudu reported for suspect bowling actionlast_img read more

MS Dhoni fulfils promise, begins training with Parachute Regiment

first_imgWorld Cup-winning former India cricketer MS Dhoni has begun his two-month training with Indian Army’s Parachute Regiment. On Wednesday, Dhoni joined a battalion, which has its headquarters in Bengaluru.Speaking to IANS, sources in the know of developments said the plan was in the pipeline for a while.”Just like Dhoni has been one of the greatest servants of Indian cricket, his love for the armed forces is also wellknown. This idea that he would go and spend time with his regiment was in the pipeline for a while but it took a backseat due to his cricketing commitments.”This will also help increase awareness among the youth about the armed forces and that is what Dhoni wants,” the source said.Also Read: Lieutenant Colonel MS Dhoni deployed in Kashmir Valley as part of Victor ForceThe 38-year-old holds the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Territorial Army unit of the Parachute Regiment (106 Para TA battalion).The honour was accorded to him by the Indian Army in 2011. Dhoni was given this honour along with Abhinav Bindra and Deepak Rao.In 2015, the Ranchi lad became a qualified paratrooper after having completed five parachute training jumps from Indian Army aircrafts in the Agra training camp.Earlier, the veteran wicketkeeper-batsman had made himself unavailable for the West Indies tour where India will be playing three T20Is, three ODIs and two Test matches beginning August 3.Ever since the culmination of World Cup in the UK where India reached the semi-finals, speculations have been rife about Dhoni’s retirement, but the team management has asked him to hang around as they groom Rishabh Pant with an eye on the 2020 World T20 in Australia.advertisementAlso See:last_img read more

Pogba & Rashford must start to entertain at Man Utd – Giggs

first_imgManchester United Pogba, Martial & Rashford must entertain Man Utd fans, says Giggs Guy Atkinson 22:29 6/3/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) PogbaRashford - cropped Getty Images Manchester United Paul Pogba Marcus Rashford Anthony Martial Premier League The Wales manager says he is a fan of the Red Devils first and foremost, and as such he wants to see more excitement at Old Trafford Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs urged Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba to remove the shackles and start entertaining supporters.Wales manager Giggs came through United’s academy, played for the first team between 1991 and 2014 and previously served as Louis van Gaal’s assistant at Old Trafford.The Red Devils’ style of play has come under criticism since Alex Ferguson departed five years ago, and Giggs is keen to see the current crop show the same commitment to entertainment that he did. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Goalkeeper crisis! Walker to the rescue but City sweating on Ederson injury ahead of Liverpool clash Out of his depth! Emery on borrowed time after another abysmal Arsenal display Diving, tactical fouls & the emerging war of words between Guardiola & Klopp Sorry, Cristiano! Pjanic is Juventus’ most important player right now “First of all, I was a Manchester United fan,” he told ESPN FC. “I used to climb over the fence when I was a seven, eight-year-old, get the match bus to Old Trafford.”Right from when I can remember, I used to go to Old Trafford and then, fast-forward to 17, 18, I played for the first team. I understand how the club works, what the fans want, because I was a fan.”I was also a player who wanted to excite the crowd, to get the fans on their feet. I want to see exciting players. I want to see Rashford, I want to see Martial, I want to see Pogba try things. That’s what I tried to do when I was playing.”Giggs also believes a strong core of players steeped in the club’s tradition will be crucial as they bid to bring back the glory years that were so memorable under Ferguson.”Football’s changing, but you still have the likes of Rashford, [Jesse] Lingard, Pogba – who was there when he was younger,” he added.”You’ve got Antonio Valencia, Ashley Young, Michael Carrick’s just left, but a group of players who know what the club’s about.”I think it’s always important to have that. It doesn’t guarantee you success – and if you don’t have that it doesn’t mean you’re not going to win – but it always helps if you do have that sort of team spirit.”last_img read more

MAC Referees Say Central Michigan’s ‘Hail Mary’ Play Should Not Have Counted

first_imgCentral Michigan's game winning touchdown against Oklahoma StateThe Central Michigan play that will be talked about for years to come should not have counted, per MAC referees.Saturday afternoon, Central Michigan knocked off Oklahoma State on one of the most unbelievable ‘Hail Mary’ plays in recent history. With the score 27-24 in favor of the Cowboys, the Chippewas had one untimed down at the end of the contest. Quarterback Cooper Rush hit Jesse Kroll, who lateraled the ball to Malik Fountain for a ridiculous game-winner.But perhaps the play should not have counted.Let’s back up for a moment. How did Central Michigan get the untimed down ahead of the final play?Facing a 4th-and-13 with four seconds to play, Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph, instead of finding a way to waste four seconds with his legs, threw a deep ball that was ruled by the referees as intentional grounding. After the officials met, they determined that because of the intentional grounding call and the turnover on downs, Central Michigan would be awarded one untimed play.Apparently that isn’t the right way to interpret the rule. According to MAC referee Tim O’Dey, the game should not have been extended. Oklahoma State should have won the contest after its final offensive play.Transcript of interview with referee in CMU-OSU game. 1/??— Ralph D. Russo (@ralphDrussoAP) September 10, 2016Here’s MAC official Tim O’Dey with the pool reporter after the ending of OSU/CMU:— Bryan Fischer (@BryanDFischer) September 10, 2016Here’s video of the final sequence. It includes both plays.The craziest thing of all? Apparently Oklahoma State can appeal to Central Michigan and ask the Chippewas to forfeit. That’d be something we haven’t seen before.How @BerryTramel explains it, from his understanding: #OKstate can appeal to CMU to reverse the outcome. Decision would be in their hands.— Kyle Fredrickson (@kylefredrickson) September 10, 2016Obviously, this is far from the end of the story here. We’ll keep you updated on the situation.Update: It’s been determined that the outcome of the game will not be changed.Bill Carollo confirms wrong call in CMU/OSU and also that outcome won’t be effected:— Paul Myerberg (@PaulMyerberg) September 10, 2016Central Michigan gets the win.last_img read more

JCDC Stages Activities for National Heritage Week

first_img Director for Community and Cultural Development Services at the JCDC, Marjorie Leyden-Vernon, told JIS News that the activities include parish awards ceremonies, church services, heritage festivals and tours to historical sites. The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) is staging a series of activities across the island from October 8 to 15 in celebration of National Heritage Week, under the theme ‘One Love…One Family…One Heritage’.Director for Community and Cultural Development Services at the JCDC, Marjorie Leyden-Vernon, told JIS News that the activities include parish awards ceremonies, church services, heritage festivals and tours to historical sites.On Wednesday (October 10), a celebration titled ‘Heritage Fest’ will be held at Seville Heritage Park in St. Ann. Persons will be able to tour the park, which was once a 16th century British plantation, and view performances from traditional groups.“They will showcase where the heritage is coming from and what we inherited in terms of our unique traditional forms,” Mrs. Leyden-Vernon said.The JCDC is collaborating with the Committee for the Promotion of National Religious Services to host a national thanksgiving service at the Fellowship Apostolic Church, 16 Camp Road, Kingston, on October 14, beginning at 10:00 am. Religious services will be held in various parishes on the day.The highlight of the week will be the parish awards ceremonies on National Heroes Day, Monday (October 15), where citizens will be recognised for their contributions in areas such as community development, education, business, sports and agriculture.“We usually look at what individuals have been doing and present awards to the ones that are outstanding. Nominations are made and each parish would award a local hero on National Heroes Day,” Mrs. Leyden-Vernon said.Persons can visit the JCDC’s website or any JCDC parish office islandwide to view the Heritage Week schedule of activities. The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) is staging a series of activities across the island from October 8 to 15 in celebration of National Heritage Week, under the theme ‘One Love…One Family…One Heritage’.center_img Story Highlightslast_img read more

Une initiative pour soutenir le secteur bénévole

first_imgLa ministre du Travail et du Développement de la main-d’oeuvre et ministre responsable du secteur bénévole, Marilyn More, a annoncé aujourd’hui, 4 novembre, une nouvelle initiative destinée à soutenir les 5 800 organismes du secteur bénévole de la Nouvelle-Écosse. L’Initiative de perfectionnement professionnel dans le secteur bénévole, d’une valeur de 800 000 $, aidera les organismes bénévoles et sans but lucratif à mieux gérer leurs besoins liés aux ressources humaines. « Nous savons que les Néo-Écossais bénéficient chaque jour des efforts de nombreux bénévoles qui se dévouent dans nos localités, de dire Mme More. Nous oublions parfois qu’ils sont plus de 24 000 à travailler dans ce secteur. L’initiative fournira aux bénévoles la formation et les outils dont ils ont besoin pour faire leur travail de manière plus efficace et elle permettra de mieux soutenir nos bénévoles partout dans la province. » Les fonds de l’Initiative de perfectionnement professionnel dans le secteur bénévole proviennent de la Fiducie pour le développement des collectivités, un programme fédéral conçu à l’origine pour aider les collectivités qui traversent des périodes économiques difficiles.last_img read more

Greater Montreal home sales up 5 from February 2017 as active listing

first_imgMONTREAL – The Greater Montreal Real Estate Board says home sales in the region grew five per cent year-over-year in February, as the number of active listings dropped 17 per cent.A total of 4,081 residential sales were made last month across the city’s census metropolitan area, marking the 36th straight increase and the busiest month of February since 2012.As was the case in 21 of the past 24 months, condominiums registered the largest increase in sales, jumping by 14 per cent.Single-family homes and plexes posted small increases of one per cent and three per cent, respectively.The median price of single-family homes across Greater Montreal was $310,000 last month, up six per cent year-over-year, while plexes reached $481,500, a one per cent increase.As for condominiums, the median price grew by five per cent last month, with half of all units selling for more than $250,000.The real estate board says acceleration in price growth is a direct result of increasingly tighter market conditions.last_img read more

Increasing restrictions on EritreanEthiopian border hampering UN peace mission

The UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) reported today that it had already vacated 17 of 18 outlying posts it has been forced to leave because of the ban. Restrictions on freedom of movement had increased throughout the area which the peacekeepers are still patrolling, about 40 per cent of what it used to be, making it difficult to monitor the tense 1,000 kilometre border, it said.Secretary-General Kofi Annan has warned that the situation could lead to another round of “devastating hostilities,” which ended following the Algiers peace accords of 2000. Apart from forcing UNMEE to evacuate posts in the so-called Temporary Security Zone (TSZ), the ban has endangered peacekeepers who need to be evacuated for medical treatment, forcing them to take the long land route.UNMEE reported that a mine accident on the Ethiopian side of the border last week was caused by a newly laid anti-tank mine. All organizations using the area have been urged to exercise due care.Last week, the Security Council threatened actions that could include sanctions if, in the case of Eritrea, it does not immediately rescind its ban, and against both parties if they do not reverse their military build up.It also demanded that Ethiopia accept the agreed-upon Boundary Commission’s final and binding decisions concerning the demarcation of the border between the two countries, and that both parties return to their December 2004 levels of troop deployment within 30 days, refraining from threats or the use of force. read more

Body of man found in Phoenix Park

first_imgUpdated 12.45pmTHE BODY OF a man was found in the Phoenix Park in the early hours of this morning.Gardaí are investigating the circumstances surrounding the discovery and the scene is being preserved.The office of the State Pathologist has been notified and personnel are due to attend the site later this morning.It is understood the deceased suffered burn injuries. He was discovered near the Wellington Monument in a sleeping bag. There was a fire reported in the area but gardaí have not indicated if they believe it was started deliberately or accidentally.An appeal for witnesses has been made with investigators anxious to talk to anybody who may have been in the vicinity of Wellington Road between 12.30am and 1am today. Those who can assist with the probe are asked to contact Cabra garda station on 01 666 7400.last_img read more

Thousands head to Chula Vistas Christmas Circle

first_img Posted: December 11, 2018 Thousands head to Chula Vista’s Christmas Circle December 11, 2018 KUSI Newsroom, 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Every year thousands of people head to the Chula Vista Christmas Circle, where dozens of bedazzled homes glow during the holiday season.Christmas Circle is a 61-year-old tradition and neighborhood’s Judy Sullivan says the decorating started with military families hanging lights from tree to tree all around the Circle is located at Whitney Street off Mankato between 1st and 2nd Ave (off H Street).center_img KUSI Newsroom Updated: 7:27 PM Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Governor vetoes funding for Ocean Rangers cruise ship inspectors

first_img“There are no mining rangers, oil rangers, fish processing rangers or timber rangers,” Brune told the Senate Resources Committee. “Why should there be cruise ship rangers?” He didn’t elaborate on what those were. That assertion is backed by DEC’s own cruise ship program chief. “We believe that there are ways to actually protect the environment,” the governor replied. “And I’m not sure if we have one of our folks here that want to speak to that in any detail–“ Press Secretary Matt Shuckerow stepped in. And that’ll create an awkward legal situation for the legislature and Dunleavy administration. Gov. Mike Dunleavy speaking to the press about his line item budget vetos on June 28, 2019 (Photo by Sam McChesney/360 North) Jeff Hokkanen, a marine engineer from Homer who works summers as an Ocean Ranger, told lawmakers that thousands of reports and observations have been filed in the past decade. “The Ocean Rangers have been able to supply DEC with information that can only get by having rangers on the ships when they’re operating underway,” he said. “We don’t hire marine engineers to ensure the ships are essentially complying to the operating conditions that they agreed upon,” Gende said. Funding for Alaska’s on-board cruise ship inspectors has been eliminated by Gov. Mike Dunleavy. The Ocean Rangers program was created by a ballot initiative and is paid for by cruise ship passengers. But to better understand why the Dunleavy administration might want to eliminate Ocean Rangers, it’s helpful to go back to a March pitch to lawmakers from the head of Alaska’s Department of Environmental Conservation. Juneau Democratic Sen. Jessie Kiehl says he can’t follow the governor’s logic. “The Ocean Rangers have been a critical part in our permitting process,” DEC’s Ed White told CoastAlaska in a February 21 interview. So why cut the funding for Alaska’s on-board inspectors?center_img Commissioner Jason Brune explained it was a matter of fairness across industries. A few Ocean Rangers tried to answer that question: that other industries don’t move around like cruise ships. And it’s not just the state that uses Ocean Rangers data. The National Park Service has interpretative rangers on cruise ships as they pass through federally protected waters under special agreements worked out in advance, he said. “There’s other mechanisms to make sure that environmental conservation is done,” Shuckerow said. “We’ve really come to value the reports of the Ocean Ranger program over the last few years,” senior scientific adviser Scott Gende at Glacier Bay National Park said Friday, “because the Park Service doesn’t have an analogous program of compliance monitoring the ship operations.” But the governor’s veto effectively blocks DEC from receiving the $3.4 million in cruise passenger head tax next season. The money is still there, it just won’t be spent — on anything. At Friday’s press conference announcing his vetoes, the governor faced some tough questions from reporters about a decision to cut Ocean Rangers in light of recent a criminal judgment and $20 million fine against Carnival Corporation for illegal discharges including in Glacier Bay National Park. “This veto cannot reduce the state’s budget gap,” Kiehl said. “And the money can’t be used for other programs.” As the voter-backed initiative that created Ocean Rangers remains on the books, the inspection program hasn’t been eliminated. It’s just been de-funded for next year. The Holland America Cruise Ship Westerdam prepares to dock in Juneau July 16, 2012. (Photo by Heather Bryant/KTOO) The legislature could still override the governor’s veto.last_img read more

BNP allowed holding rally on 23 conditions

first_imgThe Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) got permission from the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) on 23 conditions to hold a rally in the capital on Friday demanding the release of its chairperson Khaleda Zia from jail and her better treatment.The rally will have to be held in front of BNP’s Naya Paltan central office in Dhaka between 3:00pm and 5:00pm, police said.DMP’s Motijheel division deputy commissioner Shibli Noman told Prothom Alo that they have given permission to the BNP to hold the rally on conditions.As per the conditions, the BNP has to limit the programme in front of the party office only and they cannot hold the rally blocking roads.The order also said the party has to set up Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras and archways, and deploy a good number of volunteers with ID cards to maintain discipline and ensure security.The condition also said this permission is not given for using space. The party has been asked to seek permission from the authorities concerned for using space, it added.On Thursday, BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said they have got a verbal permission from police to hold the rally in front of the party’s Naya Paltan central office at 3:00pm on Friday.Responding to a question about security of the rally, Shibli Noman said they have taken security measures as they usually take for rallies of political parties.They [BNP] would end the rally peacefully, police hopes.On 15 July, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir announced that their party will stage demonstrations across the country, including the capital, on Friday demanding the release of its chairperson Khaleda Zia from jail and her better treatment.On 8 February 2018, a trial court sentenced Khaleda Zia to five years in jail in Zia Orphanage Trust graft case and sent her to jail. Since then, the former prime minister has been kept in the abandoned central jail at Nazimuddin Road in Old Dhaka.last_img read more

12 Million Baltimore Fund to Aid Citys Youth

first_imgBALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore officials are getting ready to launch a multi-million dollar grant program for youth in the city.Baltimore City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” YoungThe Baltimore Sun reports that ( a 34-member task force will get together on Tuesday to develop a framework for distributing the money.The youth fund will provide grants annually to community organizations that work with young people.The city’s contribution to the fund is based on the value of the city’s assessable property. The latest estimate means roughly $12 million in city dollars going to the fund. Private donors can also contribute.City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young says the youth fund will have a “major impact.”Representatives from organizations like Catholic Charities and Associated Black Charities will serve on the task force that will determine where the money goes.___Information from: The Baltimore Sun, http://www.baltimoresun.comlast_img read more