Overcoming limitations, defying expectations – GTT Brand Warrior Drew Thoven

first_imgLimitations are set points or levels beyond which someone or something does not or may not be expected to extend, pass or exceed. Expectations, on the other hand, speaks of strong belief that something will happen in a particular manner or that someone will or should achieve something in a specific way or take a particular route. In either case, expectations and limitations have time and again proven to be tools by which others seek to define us. However, there are those who stand in opposition to the imposition of limitations and expectations by overcoming limitations, defy expectations, and in so doing set a new standard – one that their predecessors perhaps thought improbable. It is the courage, resilience and strength of these types of warriors that GTT celebrates; those who, in pursuit of their dreams, face opposition and overcome.GTT is honoured to celebrate such an individual as they introduce you to Andrew King, also known as “Drew Thoven” or “Drew”.The 21-year-old Music Producer/DJ, award winning film composer, song writer and multi-instrumentalist was born on August, 18, 1996, in Georgetown, Guyana, to parents, Pastor Timothy and Deborah King.Growing up, he recalls having a “sheltered life”, nonetheless falling in love with music at a young age through immense exposure to the art in church. Among the instruments the youngster plays – most of which were self-taught, Drew is most passionate about the drum set. Drew acknowledges the importance of laying a strong foundation if one expects to build something of great magnitude as he reflected on his primary school days at the New Guyana School.He pursued his secondary education at Queen’s College and intends to further pursue studies at the Berklee College of Music in the USA. However, the unorthodox musician is doing things differently; rather than studying music in order to earn a living from it, he’s earning a living from music so that he may formally study it in the near future.His alias Drew Thoven, is a reflection of countless limitations he faced initially as a budding musician and producer – not being particularly versed musically; not owning proper equipment – not even a personal laptop for starters; receiving little support, if any, for his dream due to the unstable state of affairs of the music industry locally.Though he has come a long way in his musical journey, Drew Thoven agrees that he has a mighty long way to go. Drew and a group of other artistic minds, created Kindred Republic, a record label and recording studio that offers production, management and sound engineering services that has been taking the music industry in Guyana to another level.He has worked with a plethora of local and international artistes, including Shawn English, Don Gialiani, Jumo Primo, Shal Marshall and of late, he’s formed quite a bond with the Queen of Bacchanal, Destra Garcia. Drew’s philosophy as a warrior is that in order to do “great things” we must “believe in ourselves” and remain “focused” – not allowing the views of anyone, whether family or friends, to deter us from the course that will lead to the fulfilment of our dreams. GTT looks forward to the journey that lies ahead as this young warrior, Drew Thoven, makes his mark on the fabric of Guyanese, Caribbean and world history.last_img read more

House Republicans update Action Plan unveil additional goals for 2014

first_img Categories: News LANSING — House Republicans today provided an update to the caucus Action Plan, including additional goals for Michigan that would address tax relief for individuals, human trafficking, gun-owner rights, transportation needs, and school safety.“The people of Michigan deserve real results that brings jobs for workers and reunites families in our state,” said Speaker of the House Jase Bolger, R-Marshall. “The facts show that the past three years have been filled with making the tough decisions needed to move our state forward. We can’t be done with our work because the job is not done. We will continue working for Michigan’s hard-working families.”Bolger noted that in completing more than half of the two-year Action Plan in the first year alone, House Republicans were able to accomplish many things that had not been possible for years.Among these accomplishments are passage of sales tax on the difference legislation that brought tax relief to working women and men who trade up on an automobile, boat or RV. Campaign finance limits and transparency also have been improved. Both initiatives have been talked about around Lansing for decades but never completed.Fixing the Court of Claims law so that the court represents the full state of Michigan had been discussed since Gov. John Engler’s days but never accomplished until last year.House Republicans also tackled the problems and inadequate representation plaguing our indigent defense system. They provided vital reforms that have been overdue for decades. House Republicans made things happen through cooperation with people from both sides of the aisle to finally reform and create a better indigent defense system.The year 2013 also saw true Medicaid reform involving co-pays and responsibility for personal behavior — something that had been discussed since John Engler was governor and so important an issue that it once spurred a gubernatorial campaign. Through bipartisan work, Medicaid reform was accomplished when many said it couldn’t be done.“Everyone in Michigan deserves a bright future, a safe community and a successful career when they work hard and play by the rules,” said Rep. Kevin Cotter, R-Mt. Pleasant, chair of the House Republican Policy Workgroup that helped craft the Action Plan. “Today, and every day, we renew our commitment to the Action Plan we unveiled one year ago. We have traveled far, but we still have a long way to go to make it back from Michigan’s lost decade.”### Contact:Ari B. Adleraadler@house.mi.gov 09Jan House Republicans update Action Plan, unveil additional goals for 2014last_img read more

Rep Rendon supports bill to allow tribal social services representatives access to

first_img Legislation protects children State Rep. Daire Rendon has voted with the House Families, Children, and Seniors Committee to give tribal social services access to certain records that would allow them to communicate with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for the best interest of children in their tribe.The bill would allow tribal officials to better cooperate with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services in child welfare cases.“This legislation helps protect the best interests of children and promotes security of tribes and their families,” said Rendon, of Lake City.The Indian Child Welfare Act was enacted in 1978 in response to a crisis affecting American Indian and Alaska’s Native children, families, and tribes. Studies revealed that large numbers of children were being separated from their parents, extended families and communities by state welfare and private adoption agencies.Under current law, the MDHHS cannot disclose confidential information when it comes to tribal children who are in the Child Protective Services system outside of a few enumerated situations.A confidential written report, confidential document, or confidential photograph also would be available to a tribal representative, agency or organization to care for, diagnose, treat, review and evaluate, or monitor active efforts regarding a child in their tribe.Senate Bill 616 moves to the full House for consideration.### Categories: Daire Rendon News 01Feb Rep. Rendon supports bill to allow tribal social services representatives access to state documentslast_img read more

OTT and videoondemand aggregator and distributor

first_imgOTT and video-on-demand aggregator and distributor Mobibase has struck a distribution deal with fashion and lifestyle channel FNL Network whereby FNL will be offered as part of its catalogue of TV and video-on-demand offerings.Sophia Antipolis, France-based Mobibase provides thematic and ethnic content that includes 200 TV channels and more than 7,000 on-demand videos. The company’s offering meets content rights requirements in multiple territories, enabling Mobibase to tailor its content to provide its offering in over 55 countries.FNL provides a mix of fashion news and lifestyle content, including Fashion News Live, Model Monday and Film Corner, as well as footage of Fashion Week events from around the world.“The FNL Network goes beyond fashion – it frames the fashion industry as a relevant and exciting cultural world for a global audience. We at FNL Network are confident that Mobibase’s skills and resources will be critical in continuing our mission to deliver high-quality content to audiences worldwide,” said Rocco Leo Gaglioti, president and CEO of FNL Network.“The FNL Network caters to a very niche audience and greatly enriches our Lifestyle TV Package. We love the fresh perspective that FNL Network brings to the market and look forward to distributing this leading fashion TV channel to our clients worldwide,” said Vincent Roger, CEO of Mobibase.last_img read more