Police Arrest Foreigners Allegedly Linked to Criminal Fraud Network

Rabat – The National Judicial Police Brigade on Wednesday in Rabat arrested six foreigners for their supposed involvement in fraud through social networks.The suspects, are of Senegalese, Nigerian and Guinean nationality. Two of the six suspects are women, according to the National Security Directorate General (DGSN). The network’s members are accused of accessing Internet discussion sites using false accounts and identities. In the online discussions, they would claim to be European nationals wishing to marry Moroccan women. They also convinced their victims that they would send them packages containing precious gifts and large sums of money earmarked for so-called investments in Morocco. The group then asked victims to transfer money as customs taxes, according to a DGNS press release.The suspects made large amount of money through these fraudulent acts. The DGNS press release noted the seizure of money transfer receipts, computer equipment, mobile phones, and the booty resulting from the scam. One of the suspects was arrested red-handed with 75,000 dirhams sent by one of the victims.The police took the suspects into custody for the investigation conducted under the supervision of the competent prosecutor’s office. Investigations are ongoing for the arrest of others people involved with the network. Such fraudulent practices are a common occurrence in the country. Last December, the Judicial police in Kenitra, north of Rabat, arrested two women who were charging people for a fake opportunity to get a government job. Two people who fell victim to the suspects showed up at the police school in Kenitra carrying false “summonses” to take the police exam. read more