Court pulls up Delhi Police after DCP fails to show up

first_imgNEW DELHI: A Delhi court Friday pulled up the Delhi Police over non-appearance of DCP who was asked to file report in the 2016 JNU sedition case.The Delhi Police had earlier told the court that authorities were yet to give requisite sanctions to prosecute former JNU students’ union president Kanhaiya Kumar and others in the case, and it would take two to three months to procure the sanctions.last_img

Rare Moroccan Manuscripts to Be Displayed in Paris

By Safaa KasraouiRabat – In coordination with Arab World Institute of Paris, the Direction of Royal Archives will organize an event on Moroccan rare manuscripts March 22 to 6 April in Paris.The event, entitled “Rare and unpublished manuscripts”, will feature several sacred books, historical documents and scientific works reflecting the different currents of thought that flourished in Morocco. Three ancient unpublished sacred books will be featured in the exhibition: a Koran in parchment, a Gospel translated into Arabic and a parchment scroll of the Torah.The event will also showcase documents of the various scientific disciplines that thrived in Morocco, such as “al-tasrif liman ‘ajaza ‘ani at-t’aleef” by Abu Al-Qasim Khalaf Ibn Abbas al-zahrawi and “Kitab fi A’mal Al-hissab” by Abi Al-Abbas Ahmed Ibn Otman Al-Azdi.Other books related to astronomy, agriculture, architecture will also be on display.The exhibition will also highlight arts related to the production of books, such as calligraphy, decorations and gilding. read more

Sorting out recycling programs Which ones work best

Changing markets and confusion over what can be thrown in recycling bins has forced some communities to rethink or even suspend their recycling programs. But many more recycling programs are working well, experts say.The difference is partly based on which methods are being used for collection and processing.Are you sorting paper from plastic at the start, for instance, or tossing it all in one bin? Are you certain the items going into the bin are the ones your recycler can accept? How up to date is the processing facility in your area?“Some programs are hurting and need to adjust, particularly in the residential stream. But the majority of programs are working successfully and continuing to grow,” says Robin Wiener, president of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. The non-profit trade association represents more than 1,300 companies that make, process, sell or consume scrap commodities, including metals, paper, electronics, plastics, glass and textiles.Success or failure seems partly linked to whether recyclables are going into one mixed curbside bin for pickup (single-stream recycling) or is divided by residents into separate bins (multi-stream recycling).Single-stream was adopted by many communities and companies because it costs less to haul. But creating one big pool of recyclables creates more difficulty later, when they must be sorted out. In addition, experts say people tend to be sloppier about what they put in a single, combined bin. That produces a lower grade end product.Multi-stream tends to produce a less-contaminated, thus more valuable, end product.For the past two decades, it hasn’t mattered so much because China and a few other countries were buying large quantities of low-grade, single-stream recyclables, which cost them less and could be sorted out using inexpensive labour there.All that changed in January 2018, when China stopped accepting lower-grade recyclables. That left many communities in the U.S. without a market for the low-grade, mixed recyclables they were producing.“A total of $5.6 billion of scrap a year was going to China before the policy change,” says Wiener. In 2018, that number dropped precipitously to $3.5 billion, with most of the loss in low-grade materials. It takes time to find another home for that volume of materials, she says.In some cases, says Dylan De Thomas of The Recycling Partnership, an industry-sponsored non-profit dedicated to transforming the recycling system in the United States, the problem is a combination of contamination and macroeconomics.“In March of 2017, mixed paper was trading at almost $90 a ton. Now it’s worth roughly zero. Almost all the recycled paper on the West Coast was going to China,” he says.Despite the challenges of finding new markets, he says his organization has identified only 31 programs across the country that have suspended their recycling programs. Its data base includes 2,000 of the estimated 10,000 recycling programs across the country, he says.Sorting recyclables at the front end turns out to make more sense for many communities, and the market for higher grade, pre-sorted recyclables — both domestically and with big international players like China — remains strong, experts say.Areas where single-stream recycling continues to thrive tend to be those with a series of good practices to help ensure a less contaminated recycling stream. They also tend to be areas with access to advanced sorting and processing technologies, Wiener says.Of course, tweaking a recycling program is easier said than done. Some cities and towns have had to limit the types of recycled material they accept and accept cost increases.A lot depends on educating the public, says Mitch Hedlund, executive director of Recycle Across America, a non-profit that pushes for clear, standardized labels on recycling bins.“There are certain materials that manufacturers want to reuse, but the public is confused about what is recyclable and which bin it should go in, so there’s too much garbage ending up in recycling bins,” she says.Standardized labels, like those developed by Recycle Across America, are an important tool to help improve recycling, Wiener says.But Heidi Herzberg, mayor of Deltona, Florida, which suspended its recycling program because it had become too expensive and ineffective, says it’s more complicated than that. While part of the problem was that almost 40 per cent of what people were putting in bins shouldn’t have been there — like Christmas lights and greasy pizza boxes — there also turned out to be no market in her area for glass or certain types of plastics, she said.“They say ‘reduce, reuse, recycle,’ but people have been skipping straight to recycling in order to feel better,” she said. Her community was facing a $25,000 a month increase, she said, and much of the collected material was ending up in landfills anyway.“It’s a reality check, and it’s very emotional.”Environmentalists agree that producing less waste in the first place is preferable to even the best recycling programs.“We need to figure out how to reduce and reuse, not just how to recycle,” said Herzberg.Katherine Roth, The Associated Press read more

UNESCO chief deplores murder of senior Iraqi cultural official

26 August 2008The head of the United Nations culture agency today condemned the murder of a senior Iraqi Government official who had long worked to protect and preserve his country’s cultural heritage. Kamel Shiya, 57, an adviser at the Iraqi Ministry of Culture, was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in central Baghdad on Saturday afternoon.UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura issued a statement describing the killing as a crime against Iraqi society and a sad loss for UNESCO.“Those who murdered this champion of Iraq’s reconstruction must be seen for what they are: criminals working against the interests of the people of Iraq,” Mr. Matsuura said, offering his condolences to Mr. Shiya’s family, friends and colleagues.“Mr. Shiya was a devoted public servant who was committed to the safeguarding of Iraq’s rich cultural heritage,” Mr. Matsuura added.Since 2003, Mr. Shiya – who was a philosopher by training and a well-known cultural critic – served as UNESCO’s focal point in the Ministry of Culture. He also chaired the National Coordinating Committee for the Safeguarding of the Cultural Heritage of Iraq. read more

Rise in intellectual property filings point to innovation despite economic crisis –

Intellectual property filings worldwide increased significantly in 2010, pointing to continuing innovation driven mainly by the United States and China despite the global economic crisis, according to a report released today in Geneva by the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).The report highlights the strong rebound in IP filings after a slump in 2009, with a 7.2 per cent growth in patent applications in 2010 – the highest growth rate in five years – compared to a 3.6 per cent decline the previous year. WIPO Director-General Francis Gurry noted that the increase in IP filings shows that companies across the globe have continued to innovate despite the difficult economic conditions.“This can help to create new jobs and generate prosperity once macroeconomic stability is restored,” he notes in the report’s foreword.However, Mr. Gurry warned that “if economic conditions were to deteriorate sharply in the short term – as happened in 2009 – companies might be forced to curtail or abandon their investments in innovation, stifling an essential source of growth.”The total number of patent applications worldwide rose by 7.2 per cent, reaching 1.98 million, while trademark filings rose by 11.8 per cent and reached 3.66 million, both all-time high figures according to WIPO.The report shows that computer technology, electrical machinery, audio-visual technology and medical technology accounted for the largest shares of patent filings worldwide. However, the importance of different technology fields varied substantially across countries. For example, information communications and technologies (ICTs) made up the largest share of filings in Finland and Sweden, while pharmaceuticals were more prominent in Belgium, India and Switzerland.China and the US accounted for the greatest share of IP filings, with 7.2 per cent, while in Europe IP growth in IP filings in France, Germany and the United Kingdom exceeded the gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate of the countries. The US patent office saw 7.5 per cent growth in 2010 after two years of near-zero growth, and received the largest total number of applications, while the patent office of China overtook Japan to become the second largest recipient of patent applications in 2010. This mirrored wider economic trends as China overtook Japan to become the second largest economy in the world in 2010, as measured by GDP.Other countries which saw double-digit growth in their patent filings include Singapore, Russia, Colombia, Malaysia, Philippines, Ukraine and Viet Nam. 20 December 2011Intellectual property filings worldwide increased significantly in 2010, pointing to continuing innovation driven mainly by the United States and China despite the global economic crisis, according to a report released today in Geneva by the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). read more

UNESCO condemns killing of rangers protecting mountain gorillas at renowned DR Congo

“I condemn this deadly attack on six guards of the Virunga National Park and their driver,” said Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, on Wednesday.“I call on the Democratic Republic of the Congo to take all the necessary legal measures to put an end to these repetitive attacks,” added.The Director-General paid tribute to the courage of the guards who risk their lives to ensure the protection of this heritage.Since 1996, attacks in the Virunga National Park have claimed over 175 victims, UNESCO said.This marks the third attack this year against the staff of the Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation in the Virunga Park and follows similar acts on other World Heritage sites in the country, namely in Dja and Sangha Tri-National.The Director-General called on the international community to help the Institute ensure the safety of local people and staff.With the support of the European Union, UNESCO has, for several years, been investing in strengthening human capacity and resources of World Heritage Sites in the countries of central Africa that are facing security challenges. read more

The Most Likely Scores in the World Cup Final

After one of the most astonishing score lines in the history of the World Cup on Tuesday — Germany 7, Brazil 1 — nothing that happens in Sunday’s World Cup final would be a total surprise. But we do have estimates of the most likely final scores for the game.Germany is a 63 percent favorite to defeat Argentina, according to the FiveThirtyEight forecast. Argentina had a slightly higher Soccer Power Index (SPI) rating when the tournament began, but Germany has seen its rating rise, particularly after its thrashing of Brazil, and it now ranks No. 1 by some margin. Betting lines also have Germany favored.The SPI match predictor allows us to predict the number of goals scored and allowed for each club. It calls for 1.7 goals by Germany and 1.2 by Argentina.There are a couple of problems with this — for one thing, a team cannot score seven-tenths of a goal. So the match predictor uses a version of a Poisson distribution, which calculates the probability of the teams finishing with any whole-number score. For example, if Germany scores an average of 1.7 goals, how often does it score exactly two goals or exactly three goals? That’s what a Poisson distribution does.Another issue is that the match predictor is calibrated on the basis of 90-minute matches when knockout-round games can go to extra time. To account for extra-time results, we ran an additional Poisson regression based on the results of extra-time games in major international tournaments since 2005. (In geek speak, we’re nesting a Poisson distribution within another Poisson distribution.) All of that produces the following heat map:Read left to right for Germany’s score and top to bottom for Argentina’s. Boxes in which the score is still tied after extra time represent cases where the game goes to penalty kicks (there is about a 14 percent chance of this happening). The 10 most probable scores are as follows:Germany 2, Argentina 1Germany 1, Argentina 0Argentina 2, Germany 1Germany 2, Argentina 0Argentina 1, Germany 0Germany 3, Argentina 11-1 draw (game goes to penalties)Germany 3, Argentina 2Germany 3, Argentina 0Argentina 2, Germany 0What are the odds of another 7-1 scoreline? The model says there is only about a 0.06 percent probability of such a score favoring Germany (about one chance in 1,600). There’s even less of a chance — more than 10,000-to-1 against — of the same score favoring Argentina.But these figures may underestimate the chance of astonishingly lopsided results. The mathematical basis for the Poisson distribution is the assumption of independent trials. This is a little inexact (it describes a special case of a Poisson distribution called a binomial distribution), but a Poisson distribution is treating a soccer game something like this:Suppose we expect Germany to score 1.7 goals on average in a 90-minute game against Argentina. That translates into about a 2 percent probability (1 chance in 50) of scoring a goal in a given minute of play.So we can run an experiment where we randomly draw ping-pong balls from a set of 90 lottery machines, one representing each minute of the game. In each machine, there are 50 balls, one labeled GOAL! and 49 blanks. The probability of drawing a GOAL! from one machine doesn’t affect what happens with the next one. (This is the assumption of independent trials.) After we’ve drawn balls from all 90 machines, we count the number of GOAL! balls. This represents how often Germany scored in the game.We can repeat the experiment a bunch of times. Most commonly, we’ll wind up with something like one or two GOAL! balls. But other times we’ll have drawn zero or four or six. The relative frequency of these outcomes represents the Poisson distribution for Germany’s score.As strange as this experiment might seem, it isn’t a bad mathematical approximation of a soccer game. And for the most part, Poisson distributions do a good job of modeling real-world soccer scores.But there are some complications. For instance, we may have some estimate of how the absences of Neymar and Thiago Silva might affect Germany’s chances of scoring against Brazil. But there is some uncertainty around that: Maybe Brazil plays more fluidly when it isn’t waiting around for Neymar to do something, or maybe it breaks down. This is equivalent to not knowing exactly how many GOAL! balls and blanks there are in the ping-pong machines. This uncertainty will tend to slightly increase the number of extreme outcomes (Germany scoring zero goals or a lot of goals) that we observe in the real world.Another issue is that the texture of play in soccer depends to some extent on the scoreline. Play is usually tighter and more conservative in a drawn game and then opens up once the tie is broken. As a result, standard Poisson distributions slightly underestimate the chance of draws and of some wild scores, such as 5-2. (The variant of the Poisson distribution that we use is meant to address this problem.)For the most part in sports, these complications are not worth worrying about. There are cases where a Poisson distribution or a normal distribution isn’t perfect — normal distributions seem to slightly underestimate the number of extreme outlier scores in sports — but they usually hold up reasonably well. Nobody gets hurt when you say that Germany has only a 1-in-4,000 chance of winning by six goals when it actually had a 1-in-400 chance.But real-world distributions are often slightly fat-tailed, meaning that extreme outliers happen more often than the normal distribution predicts. And — outside the sports world — using the wrong model can cause real problems, underestimating the chance of an earthquake or a financial crisis. read more

The TG4 weather presenter was struck by lightning live on air last

first_imgShocking, just shocking.It wasn’t clear to some people if it was a joke or if that actually just happened 53,733 Views Share71 Tweet Email2 Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Add us: dailyedge Nov 1st 2016, 6:57 PM THERE WERE SOME spooky happenings around the country last night for Halloween.TV Land was no different, with poor TG4 presenter Caitlín Nic Aoidh stuck in work again.To make matters worse, there was some kind of lightning strike as she was chatting about the impending wind and clouds The TG4 weather presenter was ‘struck by lightning’ live on air last night People didn’t know what to think. Source: Nella/Twitter What just happened on @TG4TV ?Did she just get electrocuted or was that a Halloween prank? 👀🎃#TG4— NELLA (@nellasmusic) October 31, 2016 After her ride on a magic carpet last year, we sense she’ll be just fine.DailyEdge is on Snapchat! Tap the button below to add! By 29 Comments Tuesday 1 Nov 2016, 6:57 PM People are loving this note from an extremely polite Kit Kat thief>This woman managed to get her arse stuck in a supermarket freezer while on a night out>Written by Nicola Byrne and posted on DailyEdge.ielast_img read more

Hillary pizza and a phony sex scandal the power of fake news

first_img Image: Cliff Owen Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Saturday 3 Dec 2016, 7:45 AM Share4 Tweet Email 35 Comments Dec 3rd 2016, 7:45 AM Image: Cliff Owen By AFPcenter_img THE INTERNET RUMOUR had the makings of a bizarrely sordid scandal involving a top political aide to Hillary Clinton, allegations of pedophilia and a restaurant in an upscale part of Washington.It ended in death threats against a small business owner – and became a shocking case study in the dangers of the growing prevalence of “fake news.”The fake news phenomenon has sent major internet companies scrambling to respond amid claims that bogus reports that proliferated ahead of the US presidential election may have skewed the result.This episode started in October after WikiLeaks published a batch of hacked emails from John Podesta, the chairman of Clinton’s presidential campaign. Journalists and others have poured over the tens of thousands of stolen communications in search of politically relevant information.But some readers honed in on a handful of innocuous messages recounting a Clinton fundraiser involving James Alefantis, the owner of a popular Washington pizzeria called Comet. Source: Shutterstock/Gil CAlmost immediately, “pizzagate” was born as right-leaning conspiracy theorists on the discussion sites 4chan and Reddit claimed Comet was not just a purveyor of pizza and beer but in fact a sinister front hiding a politically connected pedophile ring. Word quickly spread.“They’ve apparently uncovered an elite child trafficking network which celebrates its tendencies using code words and disturbing artworks,” alleged the website The Vigilant Citizen, which claims to study symbols.In this world, nothing was innocent. Nude paintings on the walls were suspect. Patterns on a child’s dress or the menu revealed supposed pedophile symbols and a picture of a girl playing with masking tape was evidence of sexual abuse.Theorists even resorted to the French language in search of potential codes: the name James Alefantis was supposedly derived from the French phrase for “I love children.”As the 8 November election drew near, hundreds of threatening messages flooded Alefantis’s Instagram account. The restaurant’s Facebook page was also barraged with negative comments.“My first reaction was there’s a bunch of crazies out there. Everyone is hyped up about the election, so it will go away,” Alefantis told AFP. “But instead it went the other direction.”‘Weaponised’ social mediaAfter Donald Trump’s shock victory, things got even worse. Alefantis told AFP: Short URL 13,276 Views Hillary, pizza and a phony sex scandal: the power of ‘fake news’ Conspiracy theorists claim pizza restaurant Comet is not just a purveyor of pizza and beer but a sinister front hiding a politically connected pedophile ring. It was a combination of people telling us that they were going to come and do something or that we’ve been found out and that we should show where the tunnels are.To all appearances, there is nothing untoward about Comet. Friendly and stylish, the restaurant is divided into several areas, including one with ping-pong and Fussball tables, and stages for alternative rock performances in the evening.“Comet is a place that bridges,” said neighborhood resident Leslie Harris who is helping the restaurant respond to the onslaught. “In the early evening, people with strollers bring their little kids in for pizzas.”“It’s an adult hang out but the irony of it is that it has also been this safe place for our teenagers.”Alefantis believes the “coordinated and orchestrated attack” was in reality retribution for his political views and his support of Democrats.I’m an independent business owner and I feel I have the right to make decisions on who I support and how I utilise my resources.Alefantis has contacted the local police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation but there is little that can be done for the time being. Under pressure, Reddit has closed the “pizzagate” discussion, citing “repeated violations of the terms of our content policy.”But the attacks have not ended.“It would be like whack-a-mole,” said Claire Wardle of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism. “It’s impossible to regulate or to police these places so instead we have to think of other ways to give users tools to recognise what’s trustworthy or not.”In the meantime, Alefantis is calling for greater social media awareness.“It has to be recognized within the broader society that social media can be weaponised,” he said. “You can be easily taken down or destroyed by this sort of attacks.”- © AFP 2016Read: ‘Fake news had nothing to do with Donald Trump’s victory’ – Mark Zuckerberg>last_img read more

Police Stations To Be Equipped With HighSpeed Internet

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppKINGSTON, July 23 (JIS): Police stations are to be equipped with high-speed Internet as the Government deepens the penetration of broadband service across the island.The initiative is being undertaken through the Universal Service Fund (USF), which is financed by taxes collected from phone calls coming into the country.“For the last couple of years, the Government has built out an islandwide broadband network, connecting our schools, libraries, post offices and more recently health centres and hospitals. Now we will be doing police stations,” said Minister of State in the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, Hon. Julian Robinson.The State Minister, who was speaking to JIS News at the third annual Edufocal Excellence Awards ceremony held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston on July 22, said the purpose of this initiative is to give rise to a more developed society.“This was done as part of our commitment to ensuring that everyone, everywhere, has access to computer technology and the Internet. All of this is building a digital society for transformation and development,” he said.The Edufocal Excellence Awards was held to honour the top 10 Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) and Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) students, who accessed the fun and interactive online Edufocal learning platform to prepare for their examinations.The students selection were based on “time spent on the platform and how well they did,” said Chief Executive Officer of Edufocal Limited, Gordon Swaby. Some of the GSAT awardees were also a part of the Government’s Tablets in School pilot project.According to the Minister of State, “we distributed just under 25,000 tablets to 38 schools and teachers. We are now working out the details to see how we can get tablets in every school in Jamaica.”Testimonials given by teachers and parents of GSAT and CSEC students praised Edufocal for its ability to produce successful students. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Two boys die, bicycle and van collide in St. Catherine, Jamaica Bahamas DPM Turnquest, as IDB Governor, Talks Technology and Climate Change Resilience at IDB Conclave Recommended for you Jamaica’s Senate Begins debate on National Identification and Registration Bill Related Items:high speed internet, jamaica, police station, Universal Service Fundlast_img read more

Armed men in eastern Ukraine open fire on crowd

first_imgKRASNOARMEISK, Ukraine — Armed men identified as Ukrainian national guard opened fire Sunday on a crowd outside a town hall in eastern Ukraine, and an official for the region’s insurgents said there were fatalities.The bloodshed in the town of Krasnoarmeisk occurred hours after dozens of armed men shut down voting in a referendum on sovereignty for the region. One of them identified the group as being national guardsmen.An Associated Press photographer who witnessed the shooting said two people were seen lying unmoving on the ground and insurgent leader Denis Pushilin was quoted by the ITAR-Tass news agency as saying there were an unspecified number of deaths.Several hours earlier, the men came to the town about 30 kilometers (20 miles) from the regional capital, Donetsk, and dispersed referendum voting that was taking place outside the town hall and they took control of the building. In the evening, more arrived in a van and a scuffle broke out with people who were gathered around the building. Then they fired shots.Witnesses to the shooting posted a number of videos on YouTube. One of the videos shows several armed men holding AK-47s yelling to the crowd “go home, get out of here.” One then cocks his weapon, and seconds later a man from the crowd steps forward and approaches another gunman, also carrying an AK-47, to speak with him. The gunman fires a warning shot over his head, but that doesn’t deter the man. He continues to approach as shots continue and the man is struck by a bullet, falls to the ground and can be seen bleeding from his leg.last_img read more

Police catch suspect in Hollywood storage unit thefts

first_imgHOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) – Police have caught a man suspected of stealing from storage units.According to police, they have arrested the man who was caught on surveillance camera as he broke into 14 storage units at Uncle Bob’s Storage in Hollywood, on Sunday.The robbery occurred at the business’s facility, near North 78th Avenue and Sheridan Street.Officials said the same man hit another storage unit, the week before.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

Two Injured In Weekend Accident Involving RV

first_imgThere were no injuries to responders. The cause of the accident is under investigation by Alaska State Troopers. In a release from Anchor Point ES, 8 firefighters and EMT’s from Anchor Point Emergency Services responded with a rescue engine, ambulance and a command vehicle. Mutual aid was requested from Homer Volunteer Fire Department for an engine and ambulance. Crews arrived to find a SUV collision with a pickup truck and travel trailer traveling in the opposite direction with the driver of the SUV entrapped. Anchor Point Fire personnel who happened to be in the vicinity of the collision, along with other bystanders were able to successfully put out the fire in the SUV’s engine compartment with extinguishers from nearby vehicles. A passenger in the same vehicle was also transported by HVFD with minor injuries. The occupants of the pickup involved were not injured.center_img The driver of the SUV was extricated and was transported by ambulance to South Peninsula Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Anchor Point Fire & EMS, Alaska State Troopers and Homer Police were dispatched to a motor vehicle collision at mile 165 of the Sterling Highway with multiple injuries, entrapment and a possible fire on Saturday.last_img read more

Rahul Gandhi files nomination from Amethi Priyanka Gandhi Robert Vadra join him

first_imgCongress president Rahul Gandhi files nomination from Amethi, Uttar Pradesh.Twitter/@INCIndiaCongress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday, April 10, filed his nomination from his traditional stronghold of Amethi in Uttar Pradesh, one day ahead of the Lok Sabha 2019 elections which is slated to begin in less than 24 hours on Thursday, April 11. The Congress leader was accompanied by his mother and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, the Congress general secretary of eastern UP.Rahul Gandhi held a 3-km roadshow from Munshiganj-Darpipur to Gauriganj ahead of filing his nomination. The Congress chief was joined by Priyanka Gandhi and Robert Vadra during the roadshow. However, Sonia Gandhi later joined them at the District Collector office in Amethi. Robert Vadra, Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra accompanied Rahul Gandhi as he filed his nomination.Twitter/ANIThe 48-year-old Congress chief will be contesting against BJP leader Smriti Irani in Amethi, who lost to three-time MP Rahul Gandhi in the rural constituency in 2014. After completing the nomination process, the Congress leader challenged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to debate with him. Gandhi wanted to debate PM Modi on the Rafale deal at any given location. He accused Modi of committing theft.Later in the day, Rahul Gandhi will head to Katihar in Bihar and Raiganj in West Bengal to carry forward the Congress’s election campaign.Rahul Gandhi is also contesting from Kerala’s Wayanad for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. He had filed his nomination for the Wayanad constituency, his second seat, on April 4. Gandhi was accompanied by his sister Priyanka Vadra and Congress leader Ramesh Chennithala in Wayanad, Kerala.last_img read more

DoF gets hilshas GI certificate

first_imgIndustries minister hands over the GI certificate. Photo: DoFThe Department of Fisheries (DoF) on Thursday received the Geographical Indication (GI) certificate of hilsha fish.At a ceremony at CIRDAP auditorium in the capital, the industries minister, Amir Hossain Amu, handed over the certificate to the DoF’s director general Syed Arif Azad. After Jamdani sari, the fish hilsa secured recognition as the second geographical indication (GI) product of Bangladesh last week.Read more: Hilsa recognised as Bangladesh’s second GI productlast_img

10 more quota reformists freed from jail

first_img.Ten leaders and activists of the movement for quota reform, all accused in cases filed with Shahbagh police station, were released from jail on Tuesday, continuing the easing of the government’s hardline stance against dissenters, reports UNB.Those released were accused in various cases over vandalism, assaulting and preventing police from discharging their duties.Six of the released students, who were vocal under the banner of the Bangladesh General Students’ Right Protection Council, are its convener Hasan Al Mamun, joint convener Mojammel Niazi, members Faruk Hossain, Rashed Khan, Moshiur Rahman, and Atikur Rahman, of Dhaka University; Jashim Uddin and Shakhawat of Gazipur National University; and Masud Sardar and Sohel Islam of Rajshahi University and Chittagong University respectively.They were released from Dhaka central jail around12:00pm, said Mahbubur Rahman, jailer of the central jail.Earlier on Monday, separate courts granted bail to 32 university students, including now released Rashed Khan, who were accused in separate cases filed over violence during the back-to-back student movements demanding quota reform and safe roads.The government has in principle agreed with both groups’ demands and advanced legislation towards one.last_img read more

UPDATE Santa Fe ISD Accepts Gun Donations after School Shooting

first_imgVia The Texas Tribune Police tape in front of Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas on May 20, 2018.Trustees of Santa Fe Independent School District where 10 people were shot to death in May has accepted about $20,220 worth of guns, ammunition and weapons training donated for its security staff.The Daily News reports that the Santa Fe ISD also received tens of thousands of dollars in donations following the May 18 shooting at Santa Fe High School.School officials said a group of anonymous locals donated the weapons and ammunition, including eight AR-15 rifles. The Houston Astros Foundation donated $13,000 for protective vests and other safety equipment for the district’s police force.School board President J.R. Norman said the donated weapons will be used by the district’s expanded police force for the upcoming school year. He said there aren’t any programs in place for armed teachers.EDITOR’s NOTE: The original version of this story erroneously reported the amount of the donation was $220,000.  Sharelast_img read more

Lions returned to Rwanda 15 years after population wiped out

first_img“Our lions thrive,” he said. “We could easily repopulate many reserves.”Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Mesa family survives lightning strike to home The non-profit group organized the lion transfer to Rwanda, which hopes to boost a wildlife tourism industry that focuses on mountain gorillas. African Parks tried in vain to secure lions from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania that are genetically closer to Rwanda’s old lions.Rwandans should celebrate the return of lions, wrote a columnist in The New Times, a Rwandan newspaper.“We didn’t treasure what we had (lions) until they were gone,” Sunny Ntayombya wrote. “Then we scrambled around, cap in hand, begging different African countries to spare a cat or two.”At Phinda, the five lionesses bound for Rwanda were unexpectedly joined in their holding pen by three other lions that burrowed their way inside. Toft had to dart all eight before workers could enter to fasten satellite tracking collars on the five lions earmarked for travel to Rwanda.The sedated lions looked vulnerable, jarring with the popular notion of lions as animal royalty. They were blindfolded with cloth and park staff and others moved quietly and spoke softly to reduce the chance of any lion awakening. Some photographed the lions’ faces, a close-up opportunity to appreciate a carnivore that has symbolized bravery and inspired “Born Free,” ”The Lion King” and other successful books and films. This month, the International Union for Conservation of Nature noted successful lion conservation in southern Africa, but said lions in West Africa are critically endangered and that rapid population declines have also been recorded in East Africa. A national park in India also has lions.A trade in lion bones and other body parts for traditional medicine in Africa as well as Asia is considered a growing threat. And lions can easily come into conflict with rural communities that depend on livestock.A lion that escaped from South Africa’s Karoo National Park three weeks ago was captured Monday, authorities said. A veterinarian darted the lion from a helicopter, which lifted the animal in a sling off a mountainside.The Rwanda-bound lions arrived Tuesday at Akagera, where they are being kept in quarantine for at least two weeks before their release into the wilderness.The two males each weigh about 550 pounds (250 kilograms) and are known to have fathered at least 12 cubs. Andrew Parker, joint operations manager for African Parks, said he expected Akagera’s lion population to grow “quite quickly.”Toft, the veterinarian, said Rwanda’s new lions have a “diverse” genetic makeup and that inbreeding should not be a concern for a while. South Africa, he said, could supply more lions to the continent because of robust numbers on its small, fenced reserves. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Top Stories 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breaches New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies The difference between men and women when it comes to pain Sponsored Stories Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall The operation this week to move seven South African lions to Rwanda in east-central Africa is an upbeat tale in an otherwise challenging picture for wildlife on the continent, where poaching has surged and human encroachment is shrinking habitats. Lions are designated as vulnerable on an international “red list” of species facing threats. By some estimates, there are fewer than 20,000 lions in the wild, a drop of about 40 percent in the past two decades.“There’s just no room for them and they’re being pressurized and pressurized,” said Dr. Mike Toft, a wildlife veterinarian who darted five female lions Monday at the Phinda Private Game Reserve in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province. An Associated Press writer and photographer watched as crane operators loaded the lion crates onto a truck that arrived with two male lions from nearby Tembe Elephant Park. The vehicle then drove to Johannesburg for a charter flight to Rwanda.The lions’ new home is Akagera National Park, where cattle herders poisoned Rwanda’s last lions about 15 years ago after the park was left unmanaged in the genocide’s wake. Returning refugees took over much of the park, reducing its size by more than half to 433 square miles (1,122 square kilometers) in 1997, according to African Parks, a Johannesburg-based group that manages Akagera and other national wildlife parks in Africa. Top holiday drink recipes PHINDA PRIVATE GAME RESERVE, South Africa (AP) — The sedated, blindfolded lions lay in the dirt, unwitting passengers about to embark on a 30-hour, 2,500-mile (4,000-kilometer) journey by truck and plane from South Africa to Rwanda, whose lion population was wiped out following the country’s 1994 genocide.Then conservationists hoisted the limp bodies into crates, grasping big paws, thick tails and even the imposing heads of animals that earlier pounced on an antelope carcass used as bait to bring them closer to a veterinarian with a tranquilizer gun. Comments   Share   last_img read more

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first_imgAugust 29, 2011Congratulations to the July 24. 2011 workshop participants upon their graduation:[back from left]:Flavio Borrelli from Italy stays on for a graphics internship, Shane Renfro continues as a volunteer in construction, Laura Mancini and Sara Giorgetti from Italy.[middle from left]:Keith Travis, Georgia Belliveau, and Costanza Greco from Italy.[front from left]:hiding behind his graduation certificate is Aaron Lumpe, Kristalee Berger from Canada, Zoe Middlebrooks stays on to work in the bronze foundry.[not in the photo, also graduated]:Devon Gastineau, who originally came for 2 weeks, continues as a volunteer in construction.last_img

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