7 ways in which Moto G4 & G4 Plus are different from other Motos

first_imgMotorola recently launched the Moto G4 Plus and the Moto G4 phones in India. We reviewed the Moto G4 Plus. This is a mighty good phone, as we noted in our review, but it is also fairly clear to see that this is a very different Moto phone. It is not like the Motos that consumers know from the last three years. It looks different and it feels different.It also marks a shift in the business strategy of Motorola, nay Lenovo. The contours of this business strategy aren’t yet visible but as more Moto devices come in the next few months, it will give a better idea where Lenovo is going with the Moto.So what exactly are the difference? And what do they mean for consumers?The Moto G4 and the Moto G4 Plus are big phones with 5.5-inch screen. The focus is clearly more on the usability aspect of the phone — bigger screen, more content, more fun — rather than on making the phone look and fit great in hands. While a lot of consumers will love the big screen, many will also bemoan the loss of the perfect-sized phone that the Moto G3 was.The Moto G4 Plus has the best camera ever put in a Moto phone. Never before there was so much emphasis on camera features in a Moto phone. This is great for consumers.The pebble-like design with curve is gone. That design defined the Moto phones. The Moto G4 and G4 Plus sport more regular and boring looks.In a first for Moto phone in a long long time, the Moto G4 and the G4 Plus lack the water-repellent coating that gave Moto phones some protection against water splashes.Earlier Moto phones would be sold exclusively on Flipkart. But that partnership between Motorola and Flipkart is over. The result? The Moto G4 Plus is sold on Amazon and it doesn’t come with the Flipkart app pre-installed on it. Now, that is unique. In fact, you can say that the Moto G4 Plus has the “purest” Android ever put in a phone.The Moto G4 Plus is the first Moto phone to come with a fingerprint scanner. It is also a very fast fingerprint scanner. The design is not that great as consumers will confuse it with the home button.The Moto G4 Plus and the Moto G4 are the first phones that don’t come in a box with Motorola brand on it. Instead they come in a Moto and Lenovo-branded box.Also read: Moto G4 Plus review: Two steps forward, one step backadvertisementlast_img read more

Xiaomi and Google’s Android One phone is good news for buyers

first_imgXiaomi has been more than vocal about the fact that “we don’t update a phone just to change an Android version number. But, actually it has to make the phone better.” Take the recently announced MIUI 9 update for instance. Announced in China in late July, and rolling out (in beta) now, the MIUI 9 update is said to offer explosively fast app launch times on the back of “optimised haptic feedback, intelligent CPU acceleration and optimised thread scheduling.”There’s a lot of under the hood stuff happening here, and even critics would agree, Xiaomi’s MIUI is one of the better – seamless and polished — UIs coming from China even though it’s a stark departure from Google’s Android in every sense of the word (and more like an iOS-like affair.) But it is still far from Google’s Android, and that’s not necessarily a good thing.Android versions don’t make a Xiaomi phoneTake the Redmi 4 for instance. When Xiaomi launched the Redmi 4 in India in May, the phone shipped with Android M. It’s still on Android M by the way, even as Google is all set to roll out Android O later tonight. Basically, the Redmi 4 is still stuck with two generation old software. In Xiaomi’s defense, the Redmi 4 supports Android N Preview out-of-the-box. At least that’s something to look forward to.The Redmi 4 may even get a stable version of Android N sometime later this year, but, to expect an Android O upgrade, would be wishful thinking for now. Now I am not saying that the Redmi 4 wouldn’t get Android O at all, but, in the words of Xiaomi itself, “we don’t update a phone just to change an Android version number. But, actually it has to make the phone better.” Clearly, Android versions don’t make a Xiaomi phone.advertisementDuring the launch of the Redmi 4, Xiaomi kept comparing its phone with Lenovo’s Moto G5. While Lenovo’s Moto G5 has its upsides and downsides, the one thing that really stands out — like it does in all Moto phones — is the fact that it runs an almost stock version of Android. The Moto G5 ships with Android Nougat, and a near vanilla version of it, which means third-party skinning – on top of Google’s Android — is bare minimum and so is the number of unwanted apps or bloat-ware. The reverse is true for a Xiaomi phone like the Redmi 4. “If you go look at the Moto G5 reviews on Amazon, it has a 2.8. People have been complaining about overheating. It isn’t the case that it has better software. If you look at what people are experiencing, it is fairly not that good,” a Xiaomi spokesperson explained to me not long ago.”Most people would rather have better battery life, stable network connection, stable Wi-Fi etc. Those things are software too, right? One thing that happens with Android updates is that a lot of the baseband firmware has to change, for instance the Qualcomm firmware has to change. Early on, a lot of the times, it’s unstable,” the spokesperson added.Xiaomi’s phones are in no way inadequate — or inferior — in software standards to counterparts. It’s just that Xiaomi operates in an entirely different manner to them. Xiaomi doesn’t toil with Android AOSP APIs. Rather, the company adds its own features on top of the AOSP. A lot of this happens at the ground level which is why — for most users — there would generally be very little visible difference between a KitKat-based MIUI and a Marshmallow-based MIUI.Even critics would agree, Xiaomi’s MIUI is one of the better – seamless and polished — UIs coming from China even though it’s a stark departure from Google’s Android in every sense of the wordA lot of this also happens without changing an Android version. It is the MIUI version that one would see changing at all times, and going by Xiaomi’s history, the company is in the habit of changing that way too frequently.  Xiaomi’s phones may not always boast of the latest version of Android, but, they most certainly aren’t losing out on much anyways, according to Xiaomi. This also helps Xiaomi to keep updating all its phones no matter the release window.”Google’s policy is to update a phone for 2 years, 3 for security updates and they are considered to be the best. They also only use the latest flagship hardware. The Mi 2 is more than 5 years old and it’s still getting weekly beta updates, including new features and security updates. We have 3 year old phones on Snapdragon 400 series hardware also still getting weekly beta updates.”advertisementBut there is still an audience, and a sizeable one at that, that would still take Android N over M and it would want it as quickly as possible. And smartphone manufacturers are now paying heed to this growing demand. There’s Lenovo – that also own Motorola Mobility – that has recently switched to stock Android, getting rid of its loathsome Vibe UI, just because consumers would rather have and use stock Android – that’s clean and secure – than Vibe UI which was just bad. Vibe UI was probably one reason why Lenovo was never to able to update its phones beyond a period, and that period was evidently small as compared to what Google offers. Then there’s the new (and improved) Nokia under the banner of HMD Global that’s sticking with stock Android across its entire range of phones, the Nokia 6, 5 and 3, and the recently launched Nokia 8. All these phones run a vanilla version of Android Nougat and will be “pure, secure, and up to date,” according to HMD Global.More importantly, both Lenovo and Nokia, are operating in the same market segment – below Rs 20,000 – in India as Xiaomi, and Xiaomi with its MIUI that doesn’t really care much about Android versions doesn’t look all that well in comparison even though its phones are quite the bang for the buck. But, MIUI could be a deal-breaker for stock Android fanatics, even more so because Xiaomi’s MIUI is notorious for killing off key Android interface elements: Now on Tap in an Android Marshmallow-ready phone for instance. The same is true for apps as well. Not all apps tend to respond equally to Xiaomi’s approach. Only apps (and features) that have their APIs ported back to previous versions of Android would, inherently, work well on a Xiaomi phone running MIUI. Xiaomi works specifically with app developers to make it happen and it does that every time it’s in the process of releasing a new version of MIUI. The question is how many developers it can get on-board.Enter Google’s Android One projectCome to think if it, Xiaomi and Google, have a lot in common. Both the companies have invested heavily on bringing low-cost, quality products based around the Android ecosystem to emerging markets like India. While Xiaomi has its Redmi range of phones, Google has its much-ambitious Android One initiative. Collaboration between the two was just inevitable, so it seems.Xiaomi is now apparently working with Google on a new Android One phone. The phone — codenamed the Xiaomi A1 — would likely be a cost-effective handset geared towards emerging markets like India with promised timely OS updates right from Google.Lenovo and Nokia are both offering stock Android in their phones. It’s about time that Xiaomi joins the bandwagonThe Xiaomi A1 would likely be a re-branded Xiaomi Mi 5X that the Chinese company launched only recently. But while the Mi 5X seems to be only a China-exclusive affair for now, the A1 will sell anywhere but China, chiefly because of the fact that it would run stock Android and come pre-bundled with Google services that are virtually non-existent in China. The A1 would make little sense in China, but, outside its home turf it would be something to really look forward to because of the polarising nature of Xiaomi’s home-brewed MIUI.advertisementXiaomi’s upcoming Android One phone would cater well with the audience not enamored of its custom MIUI, the audience that a certain Lenovo or Nokia is likely to attract with its stock Android approach. Not only would the A1 pack in the latest and greatest in Android at all times, it would be the closest thing next to what a certain Google Pixel has to offer at the end of the day: unadulterated software. It would be good news for buyers.  A Xiaomi phone running stock Android is the dreamXiaomi launched the Mi 5X — which may be considered as a mini Mi 6 — in China last month. Xiaomi VP and India MD Manu Kumar Jain recently hinted on Twitter, that the company may launch the Mi 5X in India in September. “Can’t wait for you guys to check out Xiaomi’s first dual-camera phone in India. Coming next month,” Jain wrote on Twitter recently.Although the tweet made no specific mention of the Mi 5X, the fact that it talked about dual rear cameras suggests Xiaomi may bring the mini Mi 6 to India as early as next month. Some may say that even the Mi 6 may stand a chance, since it also comes with a dual camera system on the rear, and the fact that Xiaomi is dangerously missing out on a flagship phone in India for a long time now, make it a bigger – and safer – bet for the company in question. But, last we heard, the Mi 6 isn’t coming to India, which means unless there’s a very drastic change in plans, the dual camera phone that Manu was hinting at should be anything but the Mi 6.The new revelation — concerning the Xiaomi A1 — however may change some equations. Since the A1 is roughly based on the Mi 5X — having similar hardware — and that it has very little to do in its home turf — because, well Google — there’s a slight possibility that the A1 may be heading to India instead of the original Mi 5X. But because we don’t have a definite time-line for the release of the A1 yet, it would be better to take this piece of information with a pinch of salt and see how things pan out in the days to come.The closest thing to reality however is the Mi 5X, and for now, it seems that is the phone that would be launching in India in September.The Mi 5X notably brings the Mi 6’s dual rear cameras to the masses. The Mi 5X, just like the Mi 6, (also) comes with a dual camera setup on the rear — 12-megapixel + 12-megapixel — where one lens is wide-angle while the other is telephoto. The Mi 6 dual cameras offer 2X optic zoom and 10X digital zoom (just like the iPhone 7 Plus) and therefore technically result in clearer distant shots and professional bokeh effects in portraits. The Mi 5X should be more or less on similar lines.The Xiaomi Mi 5X comes with a full metal unibody design and a rear mounted fingerprint scanner. The phone, with its all metal body and dual rear cameras looks remarkably like the iPhone 7 Plus from every nook and corner. Everything from the 2.5 D curved glass on the front to the antenna lines placement on the back, screams the iPhone. The only visible difference is seen in the fingerprint scanner placement. As opposed to the iPhone 7 Plus that comes with a front-mounted fingerprint scanner, the Xiaomi Mi 5X sports one on the back. It comes with physical capacitive — soft keys — keys on the front and will be available in three colours: black, gold and rose gold (pink).On the hardware side, the Mi 5X comes with a 5.5-inch 1080p display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor clubbed with 4 gigs of RAM under the hood. It comes with 64GB of internal storage and USB Type-C for charging and data syncing. It is further backed by a 3,080mAh battery.Having said that, a Xiaomi phone – on the lines of a Redmi 5X – running stock Android is the dream.Also Read: Xiaomi is apparently working with Google on a new Android One phonelast_img read more

Giants Seek Passion, Some Wins

first_imgEAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Heading into the second half of what has been a disappointing season, the New York Giants need a lot more than consistency on offense and fewer big plays allowed on defense.Defensive captain Antrel Rolle wants more fight and more passion. Quarterback Eli Manning would like to see the plays that the Giants run so easily in practice, run the same way in games.Rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. would settle for everyone simply making plays.Whatever the Giants (3-5) are missing, they have to find it, and soon. They have been blown out in three straight games and the time to make a playoff push is running out as they prepare for a Nov. 9 game in noisy Seattle against the Super Bowl champion Seahawks (5-3).A day after the Giants dropped a 40-24 decision to the Indianapolis Colts, Rolle complained about the Giants’ lack of passion in the Nov. 3 game.“… I just think that’s something we’re missing a lot,” Rolle said in the interview of WFAN. “On our sideline it’s very dead. Throughout the course of a game it’s dead. We need a pulse.”Giants coach Tom Coughlin didn’t have an issue with Rolle’s comments.“What is Antrel’s interpretation of that, I am not sure,” Coughlin said. “I know he is an emotional guy and he does wear his emotions on his sleeve. He is a passionate young man. Not all people are the same. I think our preparation last week was certainly good.“I thought that the idea of playing hard, not looking at the scoreboard, staying with it and working as hard as we could, I think, for the most part, we did that. It wasn’t a ‘rah-rah’ situation most of the time on the sideline, but people were into the game and they were playing hard.”Middle linebacker Jameel McClain wasn’t going to disagree with Rolle. “Whatever Antrel Rolle sees, I take it as a challenge, for us to step it up, for me to give more,” McClain said.The defense certainly has to pick it up. It allowed Andrew Luck and Colts to post eight plays of 20 yards or more, and it has allowed more than 400 yards five times this season.Defensive end Robert Ayers believes Rolle is right about the lack of passion.“It is easy to be intense when things are good, but when things are bad, we still have to keep it going,” Ayers said. “It starts with the players, it starts with the coaches and we just have to keep fighting and keep wanting it, it will come. When you lose, it is tough, but we have to keep working at it, and it will all come.”Manning insisted the Giants are hurting themselves with their lack of execution and mistakes.“We’ve got to keep working,” Manning said. “We have some different guys in there than we did at the start of the season. We’ve got some new receivers playing and we can do some good things. I think we can make some plays. We are not executing every play like we need to. Sometimes the defense has a great call, sometimes they win, but we are letting them win too many times.”Manning said the only thing he is focused on now is winning and ending the Giants’ slide.The one positive that has come out of the slide has been the play of Beckham. The Giants’ first-round draft choice had a career night catching eight passes for 156 yards, including a 59-yard catch and run that set up New York’s first touchdown.Beckham said he is taking his lead from Manning. The two-time Super Bowl MVP isn’t giving up and neither is Beckham.“It is just one of those things where other guys, myself included, we all need to step up and come together as a team and decide — at the end of the day, you determine your own destiny,” Beckham said.“We need to decide how we want to finish these last couple games and I think there is no other reason but to finish them all with wins.”(TOM CANAVAN, AP Sports Writer)TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Infinix is set to launch a new smartphone in India on August 23

first_imgInfinix recently launched an entry-level smartphone called the Smart 2 in India. Looks like, the company is no mood to stop just there. Infinix is now sending out a media invite to launch a new smartphone in the country on August 23. There’s, however, no word on the name of the upcoming Infinix phone or even its features or specifications. The image attached to the invite, however, hints at a tall display.According to the image, the upcoming Infinix smartphone is seen towering above tall buildings in the background in a night skyline. This suggests that the new Infinix phone will come with a big display. Alongside the August 23 launch date, the Infinix media invite is asking to “save the date” followed by the hashtag #beyondthebest.Now that 6-inch display with 18:9 aspect ratio has become the new common, we can expect the upcoming Infinix phone to either sport the same specs or even more. The image which shows the silhouette of the phone hints that the upcoming Infinix handset will come with minimal bezels. The image further reveals that the upcoming Infinix phone will not sport a notch on top of the display. The top bezel looks thicker than the side ones.Infinix recently launched the Smart 2 which is an entry-level phone and is looking to compete with Redmi 5A. The Infinx Smart 2 comes with a 5.45-inch HD+ LCD display with 720 x1440p resolution, aspect ratio 18:9 and an 83 per cent screen-to-body ratio. On the hardware front, the Infinix Smart 2 is powered by a quad-core MediaTek MT6739 chipset clocked at 1.5GHz. The smartphone comes in two variants – the base model with 2GB RAM + 16GB storage which costs Rs 5,999, while the top-end model with 3GB RAM + 32GB storage version sells for Rs 6,999.advertisementALSO READ: HMD Global set to launch most awaited phone on Aug 21 as Flipkart-exclusive, Nokia 6.1 Plus expectedOn the camera front, the Infinix Smart 2 comes with a 13-megapixel sensor coupled with a f/2.0 aperture on the rear panel. On the front, the smartphone includes an 8-megapixel sensor with a f/2.0 aperture and dual LED flash. On the software front, the Infinix Smart 2 runs Android 8.1 Oreo with a custom user interface called XOS 3.3.0 out-of-the-box. The phone is backed by a 3050mAh battery, which, according to Infinix, delivers 21 hours of 4G talk time, 81 hours of music playback time, and 21 days of standby time.last_img read more

MS Dhoni is Ziva’s bugs bunny in adorable video

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is currently on a break from international cricket after he was not picked for the Twenty20 International series vs Australia down under.Dhoni is known to spend all the time with his family whenever he is on a break and he’s doing exactly that. On Friday, Dhoni shared an adorable video with Ziva.Dhoni titled the video ‘Ziva’s bugs bunny’ where Ziva can be seen feeding a huge carrot to the former Indian cricket team captain.The video has no audio but Ziva’s expressions is all the cuteness one needs.Recently, Ziva had a blast at the birthday bash of her mother Sakshi, where cricketers Hardik Pandya and Robin Uthappa also made their presence felt.Ziva Dhoni won hearts on the internet with her adorable dancing at the sangeet ceremony of former Union Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel’s daughter Poorna Patel.Ziva, who has already proved her credentials with her singing skills, rocked the dance floor.Papa Mahi Enjoying his Bundle of Joy ?? Dance Move #poornabanisoni #MSDhoni #Sakshi #Ziva pic.twitter.com/pLpT6loXTADhoni Raina Team (@dhoniraina_team) July 20, 2018Earlier this year, Ziva even found a funny way of wishing her father MS Dhoni on his birthday by singing Happy Birthday for him and adding a cheeky comment by saying, “you’re getting older”.Ziva was a constant during the Indian Premier League 2018 at the sidelines as he had fun with other cricketers and their kids and ‘cheering Mumbai Indians’.advertisementEven after Dhoni led Chennai Super Kings to a third IPL trophy, Ziva Dhoni stole all the limelight with her antics.With the celebrations in full swing, Ziva was seen on the ground enjoying with Dhoni and his CSK teammates. Not just the elders, Ziva also ran around with her buddies Gracia Raina and Hinaya Singh.Later Dhoni took to Instagram to post a picture of himself, Ziva and his wife Sakshi thanking people for supporting CSK and congratulating Shane Watson for his 117 not out that brought CSK’s victory.In the end of the post though, Dhoni added “Ziva doesnt care about the trophy, wants to run on the lawn.” read more

IAF lost 27 aircraft including 15 fighter jets and choppers in crashes

first_imgNew Delhi: The Indian Air Force lost 27 aircraft, including 15 fighter jets and helicopters, in crashes since 2016, Minister of State for Defence Shripad Naik said Wednesday. The quantum of provisional loss in 11 cases of crashes was approximately Rs 524.64 crore, he said in a written reply in Lok Sabha. In the 2016-17 fiscal, six IAF fighter jets, two helicopters, one transport aircraft and one trainer crashed. In 2017-18, the air force lost two fighter jets and one trainer aircraft in crashes. Also Read – Cong may promise farm loan waiver in Haryana The number rose sharply in 2018-19 with the IAF losing seven fighter jets, two helicopters and two trainers. This included the crash of the MiG-21 fighter jet which was being piloted by Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman during a dog-fight with Pakistan Air Force planes on February 27. On the same day, an Mi-17 helicopter also crashed killing six air force personnel. In 2019-20, so far, an AN-32 transport aircraft crashed in Arunachal Pradesh, killing 13 air force personnel earlier this month.last_img read more

Big B Jaya send notes to Vicky Ayushmann

first_imgMumbai: Megastar Amitabh Bachchan and wife Jaya Bachchan have sent a personalised hand-written note to actors Ayushmann Khurrana and Vicky Kaushal on being feted with National Awards. Amitabh sent a bouquet to the actors with a note, congratulating them for their win. Vicky took to his Instagram stories to share the photograph of the note, which read: “A most deserving National Award… May more follow in time. Keep up the good work.” He captioned the image: “This means the world to me! Thank you Bachchan sir and Jaya ma’am”. Ayushmann tweeted in Hindi along with the image of the note: “When you get a letter of appreciation from this generation’s megastar, it is no less than a National Award. Thank you Amitabh sir and Jaya ma’am.” Ayushmann and Vicky won National Award for their performance in the films Andhadhun and Uri: The Surgical Strike”, respectively. The Vicky Donor actor will soon be seen sharing screen space with Amitabh in the upcoming Shoojit Sircar directorial Gulabo Sitabo.last_img read more

Police Several killed in Danish bridge train accident

first_imgCOPENHAGEN — Danish police say several people have been killed in a train accident on a bridge linking the central islands of Zealand and Funen.Police did not provide further details about those killed or the number of people injured in Wednesday’s incident, which took place about 8 a.m. local time. Danish media reported that a tarpaulin on a freight train hit a passenger train going in the opposite direction, prompting it to brake suddenly.The Storebaelt bridge is part of bridges and tunnel link between the Danish islands. Police is scheduled to give a news conference later Wednesday.The Associated Presslast_img

Moroccans Use Facebook to Support US Law on Gay Marriage

Rabat – U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Friday to legalize same-sex marriage across the United States. To mark the occasion, many Moroccans decorated their Facebook profiles with the LGBT rainbow flag.The decision ruling that all the 50 states must issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples has prompted many Moroccans to use a recently unveiled Facebook feature called “Let’s Celebrate Pride” which allows users to put a rainbow filter over their profile pictures.The feature has been widely used by Moroccans to show support to the gay cause in Morocco and elsewhere, especially as the timing of the decision coincides with LGBT Pride Month. Facebook users in Morocco rainbowfied their profile pictures by laying the iconic flag, which represents the diversity of the LGBT community, over their existing avatars.“I put the rainbow flag over my profile picture because I defend the freedom of people marrying whoever they want to marry regardless of their sexual orientations,” Fatima-ezzahra Abkari, a Paris-based Moroccan journalism student, told Morocco World News. “Love has no limits, no boundaries and no religion,” she added.When asked whether Morocco should one day follow in the footsteps of the United States and legalize same-sex marriage, Abkari deemed the idea as far-fetched, saying Morocco has a culture that is different from other countries.“We should only deal with the mentality and accept members of the LGBT community as normal persons,” she said.In addition to Facebook, Twitter has also enabled its users to join the movement by adding a rainbow heart to any tweet with the hashtag #LoveWins.Many organizations and tech companies have also cheered the decision, including the White House, Apple, Twitter and Facebook. read more

UN refugee agency signs agreement for repatriation of 25000 Rwandans

Some 25,000 Rwandan refugees in Uganda – half the total still scattered across Africa – will be repatriated voluntarily under a tripartite agreement signed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) with the Governments of Rwanda and Uganda. The agreement is the third in a series UNHCR has reached with governments to establish a legal and operational framework for the voluntary return of Rwandan refugees, following agreements earlier this year with Zambia and the Republic of Congo. Under an agreement with Tanzania last year, more than 20,000 Rwandan refugees returned from camps in the western part of that country. According to the terms of the agreement, signed on Wednesday in the Rwandan capital of Kigali, all Rwandan refugees in Uganda who wish to return home will be able to do so without pre-conditions, UNHCR spokesman Ron Redmond told a briefing in Geneva today. At the same time, no Rwandan refugee will be compelled to return against his or her will and those who opt not to repatriate will continue to enjoy refugee status. The Government of Rwanda has agreed to ensure that the return of the refugees takes place in safety and dignity, Mr. Redmond said. Since the beginning of the year, more than 8,000 Rwandan refugees have returned home, mainly from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). read more

New ambush in Darfur claims life of UNAfrican Union peacekeeper injures three

According to an UNAMID news release, a Mission convoy of military, police and civilian personnel came under a combination of automatic and mortar fire from unidentified assailants while on its way from the town of Kutum to the town of Hashaba North, 56 kilometres northeast of Kutum, to assess the situation following recent reports of violence in that area. The convoy returned fire. “These attacks will not shake our resolve to fulfil our mandate and help the people of Darfur,” said UNAMID’s Acting Joint Special Representative and Joint Chief Mediator ad interim, Aïchatou Mindaoudou. “I call on the Government of Sudan to investigate the incident and bring the perpetrators to justice.”The UNAMID official’s calls for an investigation into the incident and for the perpetrators to be brought to justice were echoed by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, according to the UN chief’s spokesperson, as well as the Security Council.Mr. Ban’s spokesperson noted that the Secretary-General condemns “in the strongest possible terms” the attack and expresses his condolences to the Government of South Africa, UNAMID and the family of the fallen peacekeeper. In a press statement, the members of the Security Council also condemned “in the strongest terms” the attack and expressed their condolences to the family of the deceased peacekeeper, as well as the Government of South Africa and UNAMID, in addition to calling on the Government of Sudan to swiftly investigate the incident and bring the perpetrators to justice.The Security Council members also reiterated their full support for UNAMID and called on all parties in Darfur to cooperate with the Mission.UNAMID is entrusted with protecting civilians, promoting an inclusive peace process and helping ensure the safe delivery of humanitarian aid across Darfur, the scene of fighting between Sudanese Government troops and their allied militias and rebels since 2003. Since its initial deployment at the start of 2008, 43 peacekeepers have been killed by hostile action.Four Nigerian UNAMID peacekeepers were killed and eight wounded at the beginning of the month in an ambush near a regional Mission headquarters in El Geneina, the capital of West Darfur state. read more

Labors parents visa plan allows for uncapped stays but risks migrant overflow

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Labor has revealed a proposed three- and five-year sponsored parents’ visa that would cost $1,250 and $2,500 per entrant. The plan for an uncapped long-stay parents’ visa would be a quarter of the cost of the Coalition’s visas and would also be available to an unlimited number of applicants.The Coalition has already announced its parents’ visa due to start on 1 July that would be restricted to 15,000 people and cost $5,000 for three years and $10,000 for five years. Holders would be required to go overseas to renew their visa.Labor members, such as frontbencher Chris Bowen, state that “many elderly parents want to reunite with their families but have to travel to Australia as tourists – proving costly, frustrating, disruptive and exhausting as they ferry between countries.” They state that their plans would make it easier for these families.Critics of Labor’s visa plans point to a programme that will not be sustainable. Immigration Minister David Coleman told the Australian that the proposal showed “a complete lack of regard for sensible immigration and population planning”.last_img read more

Bio la moitié des Français en consomme

first_imgBio : la moitié des Français en consomme France – 50% des Français mangent bio au moins une fois par mois et 3.600 agriculteurs ont adopté des techniques d’agriculture biologique en 2009, soit 20% de plus qu’en 2008. Cependant, les avis à propos de ces données sont mitigés.En effet, même si le nombre d’agriculteurs et de consommateurs est à la hausse, les sols agricoles bio ne représentent que 2,4% du total des surfaces agricoles : on est encore loin des 6% à atteindre d’ici 2012 et des 20% exigés par le Grenelle d’ici 2020. Il faut noter que l’Italie en est déjà à 9% et l’Allemagne, à plus de 5%.De plus, l’offre ne répond pas à la demande des Français, quand plus du quart de la population de l’Hexagone souhaite augmenter sa consommation de produits bio dans les prochains mois. Il faut compter trois ans pour qu’un agriculteur se convertisse au bio : ainsi, la France est obligée d’importer près du tiers de ses produits biologiques. Pour ce qui est des viandes, des œufs et du vin, la seule production française suffit, mais ce n’est pas le cas pour les céréales et le lait par exemple. Et pour cause : les rendements sont moins bons que ceux de l’agriculture classique, et peuvent diminuer de 30%. Un détail qui explique en partie le prix plus élevé des produits bio, un prix que les Français sont assez réticents à payer en pleine crise financière.Le 9 février 2010 à 11:47 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

The great gold bull market has begun

first_imgMumbai, Aug 17 (IANS) Gold prices have hit a record high amid a rush for safe haven assets owing to the fears of a recession. Goehring & Rozencwajg, a research firm which focuses on investments in natural resources, says the great gold bull market has begun. Gold prices have surged over 20 per cent since January 1 and touched a life-time high of $1,546.10 per troy ounce amid multiple headwinds, primarily US-China trade spat. Also Read – Man held for slapping woman employee at Gurgaon toll plaza booth Advertise With Us A bull market is defined by a condition in a financial market where a commodity, stock, currency or bond prices are rising or are expected to rise. According to the Goehring & Rozencwajg’s report, this bull market will be driven by Western investors, and their buying pressure may have already started. Recently, the UK and Germany’s economy contracted, raising fears of recession. Germany, the biggest European economy which is largely export-dependent, has been hit by US-China trade tensions. Also Read – One arrested for firing outside Satna college in Madhya Pradesh Advertise With Us The UK, the world’s fifth largest economy, recently logged negative growth, owing to the pressure on its businesses amid political uncertainty due to Brexit. “Precious metals were strong last quarter, as more and more central bankers talked about cutting interest rates and undertaking additional quantitative easing,” the report said. Gold rose 9 per cent while silver once again lagged, rising less than 1 per cent. Platinum fell 2 per cent and palladium (again being pushed because of restrictive diesel regulations in Europe) rose 11 per cent. Advertise With Us Explaining the gold bull run further, Goehring & Rozencwajg said gold stocks were also strong during the quarter, advancing by 14 per cent . “We have seen a large increase in the physical accumulation by both gold and silver ETFs (exchange traded funds) over the last several months,” the firm said. However, they added that the only thing that concerned them was the price of oil relative to gold. “Over the last three years, we have been very bullish on global oil markets. We explained how we were waiting for gold to become undervalued relative to oil, just like it did back in the 1999-2000 period. A “cheap” gold-oil ratio would give us our final signal that gold’s three-and-a-half-year corrective phase had come to a close” they added.last_img read more

House Republicans update Action Plan unveil additional goals for 2014

first_img Categories: News LANSING — House Republicans today provided an update to the caucus Action Plan, including additional goals for Michigan that would address tax relief for individuals, human trafficking, gun-owner rights, transportation needs, and school safety.“The people of Michigan deserve real results that brings jobs for workers and reunites families in our state,” said Speaker of the House Jase Bolger, R-Marshall. “The facts show that the past three years have been filled with making the tough decisions needed to move our state forward. We can’t be done with our work because the job is not done. We will continue working for Michigan’s hard-working families.”Bolger noted that in completing more than half of the two-year Action Plan in the first year alone, House Republicans were able to accomplish many things that had not been possible for years.Among these accomplishments are passage of sales tax on the difference legislation that brought tax relief to working women and men who trade up on an automobile, boat or RV. Campaign finance limits and transparency also have been improved. Both initiatives have been talked about around Lansing for decades but never completed.Fixing the Court of Claims law so that the court represents the full state of Michigan had been discussed since Gov. John Engler’s days but never accomplished until last year.House Republicans also tackled the problems and inadequate representation plaguing our indigent defense system. They provided vital reforms that have been overdue for decades. House Republicans made things happen through cooperation with people from both sides of the aisle to finally reform and create a better indigent defense system.The year 2013 also saw true Medicaid reform involving co-pays and responsibility for personal behavior — something that had been discussed since John Engler was governor and so important an issue that it once spurred a gubernatorial campaign. Through bipartisan work, Medicaid reform was accomplished when many said it couldn’t be done.“Everyone in Michigan deserves a bright future, a safe community and a successful career when they work hard and play by the rules,” said Rep. Kevin Cotter, R-Mt. Pleasant, chair of the House Republican Policy Workgroup that helped craft the Action Plan. “Today, and every day, we renew our commitment to the Action Plan we unveiled one year ago. We have traveled far, but we still have a long way to go to make it back from Michigan’s lost decade.”### Contact:Ari B. Adleraadler@house.mi.gov 09Jan House Republicans update Action Plan, unveil additional goals for 2014last_img read more

House Appropriations Chair applauds governors State of the State priorities

first_img Categories: Cox News Cox reflects on what Snyder’s comments mean for 2018-19 state budget State Rep. Laura Cox, chair of the House Appropriations Committee, highlighted the issues from Gov. Snyder’s State of the State address that will impact next year’s state budget.Following the recession of the early 2000s, which depleted the state’s reserved funds, the Legislature and Governor Snyder have worked to replenish that fund. The governor, once again, highlighted the importance of the rainy day fund, a budget accomplishment of which Cox is very proud.“This fund is vital to our state’s future,” said Cox, of Livonia. “I’m proud of the work I’ve been able to do with my colleagues to grow and protect that money from being raided so we have it when we truly need it.  Keeping Michigan on the right track by safeguarding our nest egg and paying down our unfunded liabilities will be a top priority for me as we craft our budget recommendations for the coming fiscal year.”Cox also applauded the governor’s emphasis on K-12 education and career and technical (CTE) training.“Last year I presided over a budget which allocated more funding to K-12 public school education than ever before and placed great emphasis on CTE programs across our state,” Cox said. “I am intent on continuing the work of preparing our children for the 21st century jobs market.”Cox, who previously served as a law enforcement officer and has pushed for increased protections for Michigan communities, said she was pleased with the governor’s commitment in this area as well.Of the many topics covered in the governor’s address, Cox says cracking down on campus sexual assault is important to her.“As a member of the Let’s End Campus Sexual Assault Initiative, I have been working to stop assault on college campuses for several years,” Cox said. “Lately, this issue is being discussed on a national level and we are demanding a change. I am happy to partner with the governor and my legislative colleagues to stop all instances of sexual assault both on and off campus.”Cox and her colleagues on the House Appropriations Committee will begin discussions for the 2018-19 Fiscal Year budget in the coming weeks.### Tags: State of the State center_img 23Jan House Appropriations Chair applauds governor’s State of the State prioritieslast_img read more

Rep Rendon supports bill to allow tribal social services representatives access to

first_img Legislation protects children State Rep. Daire Rendon has voted with the House Families, Children, and Seniors Committee to give tribal social services access to certain records that would allow them to communicate with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for the best interest of children in their tribe.The bill would allow tribal officials to better cooperate with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services in child welfare cases.“This legislation helps protect the best interests of children and promotes security of tribes and their families,” said Rendon, of Lake City.The Indian Child Welfare Act was enacted in 1978 in response to a crisis affecting American Indian and Alaska’s Native children, families, and tribes. Studies revealed that large numbers of children were being separated from their parents, extended families and communities by state welfare and private adoption agencies.Under current law, the MDHHS cannot disclose confidential information when it comes to tribal children who are in the Child Protective Services system outside of a few enumerated situations.A confidential written report, confidential document, or confidential photograph also would be available to a tribal representative, agency or organization to care for, diagnose, treat, review and evaluate, or monitor active efforts regarding a child in their tribe.Senate Bill 616 moves to the full House for consideration.### Categories: Daire Rendon News 01Feb Rep. Rendon supports bill to allow tribal social services representatives access to state documentslast_img read more