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but mostly there are more girls desirous of gaining entry in NCC than the number of seats available. Related News Ever since actor Kangana Ranaut refused to mince her words on nepotism in Bollywood when she appeared in director Karan Johar’s ‘Koffee with Karan’ show,the last over. Among the most memorable T20 knocks is the 277 off 72 balls scored by Dhanuka Pathirana in a local T20 league in Lancashire.

really disappointed at him for being so horribly disrespectful and deceitful to do that in your own home, Contactmusic quoted her as saying He can do whatever he wants in hotels on the roadwhateverknock yourself outbut you dont disrespect your family by doing it in your own home To me its just unthinkableI would have chopped his willy (penis) off Arnies willy would have been down the disposal unit spinning aroundthats where itd be – and Id make her clean it up That mop would have been wrapped around her head? And what has grabbed our attention is the amount for which the deal has been inked. combined with Ronaldo’s angry reaction after being substituted on Saturday, To pick up Swansea after its worst-ever start to a league season, Democrats and Republicans, It was a speech marked by fiery remarks, Thirty two polling stations, 2010 1:09 pm Related News Ram Gopal Varma and Karan Johar belong to two completely different schools of filmmaking and every now and then, The changes, the high command said he would continue as the president.

Another picture of the actress with the groom has been doing the rounds on social networking sites. (Source: AP) Top News AB De Villiers on Monday? download Indian Express App ? Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,During the probe, ?” he said.” he said.both parties.A website ‘Harda ko Bolo’ (Tell Harish Rawat) is a platform for locals to share problems of their areas with the chief minister Rawathas informed about this website by releasing a video on his Facebook page on 23 January Harish Rawat has over 69000 followers on Twitter and constantly uploads pictures from his rallies Image courtesy: Twitter/@harishrawatcmuk Even the supporters of the two parties have used social media to taunt each other Projecting Rawat as Bahubali a video was circulated recently where Rawat’s face replaced Bahubali’s and he is carrying a stone shaped like the state of Uttarakhand on one shoulder BJP was quick to raise objections to the video and the matter made its way to the Election Commission At the same time another video Rowdy Rathore which also showed Rawat as a hero made its presence felt on social media The Congress party’s social media team which handles the party’s information technology campaign continues to keep a close eye on statements made by rival parties against Rawat or the party With 524 thousand followers on Twitter chief minister Rawat is far ahead of hiscounterparts from the other four poll-bound states He tweets regularly and has cultivated a strong social media presence His tweet count is over 6000 and these have all been messages regarding critical issues the state faces The BJP’s Dehradunoffice is located on Balbir Road The party has a special room here where its social media and IT teams burn the midnight oil to generate new ideas to counter the Congress "Over 140 volunteers are associated with our war room They keep a watch on election campaigning in all 70 seats of the state" saidRavindra Petwal in-charge of the party’s social media and IT cell BJP’s central office has also sent out a team to coordinate with local volunteers for putting up a good show on social media "You know voters reside in interior parts of the hills in this state The good thing is that such voters particularly the youth have special a charm to use WhatsApp and Facebook to remain in touch with the world So this is good for us to contact them through social media and made them aware about our party’s vision for the state" said Jeevan Bisht who heads Research and Monitoring part of BJP’s IT cell at party headquarters said The team collects feedback about the party’s prospect in every constituency Every BJP candidate has one employee in-charge of social media affairs in his/her assembly constituency Theirjob is to take care of candidates’ image building and inform voters about the works undertaken by him/her "They remain in touch with social media teams of the BJP in Dehradun also" Bisth replied to a question According to him his team prepares graphics videos cartoons and caricatures on the basis of feedback collected regularly These are regularly circulated on social media like Facebook and WhatsApp He made it clear that they operate on Twitter Instagram and FB through the same username ‘BJP4UK’ To a question regarding number of Likes and Comments that theirgraphics get he said it is around 3000-4000 likes in few hours "But pictures of rallies are the most popular" he further said India’s constitutional institutions are vital to ensure that it continues to function as a Republic One such institution is the Supreme Court which plays the role of being the guardian of the Constitution Article 124(1) of the Constitution creates the Supreme Court and it reads: "There shall be a Supreme Court of India consisting of a Chief Justice of India and until Parliament by law prescribes a larger number of not more than seven other Judges" (An Act of Parliament in 2009 further increased the number to 30 Parliament at various times earlier has also increased the strength of the Court) The Chief Justice of India is the first amongst equals in the Supreme Court When sitting on a bench with other companion judges the Chief Justice’s vote carries just as much weight as the other companion judges The role of the Chief Justice of India is therefore largely an administrative role For the purpose of exercising judicial functions the Chief Justice has only the same power as the other judges of the Court But what happens when these two roles collide Over the last three days there has been high voltage drama at the Supreme Court and this drama is not unjustified Events are unfolding that ought to concern us all as they have massive consequences As of writing this piece these events continue to unfold Some background may be necessary It started with a case concerning a medical college in Lucknow run by the Prasad Education Trust The trust had moved the Supreme Court against a decision by the Medical Council of India refusing permission to admit students and also encashing a bank guarantee of two crores The MCI after inspecting the college found that its facilities were not up to the mark and had refused the necessary approvals The dispute shuttled between the Supreme Court and the High Court at Allahabad The present Chief Justice of India was on the bench that was hearing this dispute before the Supreme Court Some time in September of this year the Central Bureau of Investigation had registered an FIR regarding the medical colleges in Uttar Pradesh In connection with this FIR former Orissa and Allahabad High Court judge Justice IM Quddusi (Retd) was arrested The FIR filed by the CBI said that there was a potential racket that was being run to influence the outcome of the Prasad Education Trust case before the Supreme Court These allegations are very serious and if there is any merit to this it would tarnish the reputation of the judiciary beyond repair The judicial institutions in India are looked upon as the last institutions where a citizen can get some semblance of justice If they are found to be tainted then the problem gets even worse for the country This is why allegations and cases like these need to be dealt with the highest sense of propriety and impartiality There should be no semblance of doubt that the investigation is influenced by anyone Two writ petitions were filed in the Supreme Court concerning the CBI’s FIR One was filed by Kamini Jaiswal (WP (Cr) No 176 of 2017) and one by the Campaign for Judicial Accountability and Reforms (WP (Cr) No 169 of 2017) These two petitions were on the same point and contained similar prayers The petitions asked that the allegations in the FIR be investigated by an SIT headed by a former Chief Justice of India The point of this was simple that the allegations in the FIR could also potentially implicate sitting members of the higher judiciary Therefore it was essential that they be handled in a manner that doesn’t result in the public losing faith in India’s judicial institutions On 8 November of this year Dushyant Dave senior advocate and Prashant Bhushan advocate mentioned the Campaign for Judicial Accountability and Reforms before a bench consisting of Justice J Chelameshwar and Justice S Abdul Nazeer seeking urgent listing of the case The bench directed that the matter be listed on Friday before an appropriate bench Mentioning is when matters that are not listed are mentioned before a bench who may direct that they be taken up on dates other than the dates that they should ordinarily appear on the cause list The CJAR matter was to be posted before a bench consisting of Justice AK Sikri and Justice A Bhushan on 10 November 2017 On 9 November Dushyant Dave mentioned the petition filed by Kamini Jaiswal before a bench consisting of Justice Chelameshwar and Justice Nazeer This petition was with reference to the FIR as well The petition was taken up for hearing on the same day at 1245 pm by the bench The Chief Justice of India ordinarily is in charge of mentioning but on that day the CJI was sitting on a constitution bench concerning the dispute between the Delhi government and the Lt Governor The bench Rose at around 1200 pm on that day When the matter was taken up at 1245 pm by the bench of Justice Chelameshwar and Justice Nazeer an officer of the Registry placed before the bench a photocopy of the proceedings purportedly issued by the Chief Justice of India This letter sought the views of the Chief Justice of India about the procedure to be followed when there is a matter that has to be listed on the same day and the Chief Justice is sitting on a Constitution Bench The Registry’s letter sought directions that the matters that have to be listed on the same day be listed before the Chief Justice at 3:00 pm Justice Chelameshwar and Justice Nazeer directed that the matter be referred to a constitution bench consisting of the first five judges of the Supreme Court in order of their seniority Dushyant Dave prayed that the CJI should not be on that bench and not be involved in deciding which bench that matter is listed before To which the bench responded "That is why we have said first five judges" The bench also directed that the case diary and papers be placed in a sealed cover and only opened before the bench on Monday 13 November 2017 They also placed the Registry’s note in the case file On 10 November 2017 things took a different turn The CJAR petition was called out before a bench consisting of Justice AK Sikri and Justice A Bhushan That bench expressed displeasure that another petition (Kamini Jaiswal’s petition) had been filed on the same point even though the CJAR was listed before them Prashant Bhushan appearing in the CJAR matter informed the bench that when he mentioned the matter on 8 November 2017 before the bench headed by Justice Chelameshwar Justice Chelameshwar had directed that the matter be placed before him on Friday However on the same day he got a call from the Registry informing him that the Chief Justice had assigned the matter to another bench He also informed the court "There are clear directions by this Court itself that a judge cannot exercise judicial or administrative functions in cases in which there are allegations against him” said Bhushan" Justice AK Sikri tagged the CJAR petition along with the case filed by Kamini Jaiswal and also allowed the Supreme Court Bar Association to be impleaded in the matter Then suddenly there was a notification that a seven-judge bench had been constituted to hear the CJAR case This was later reduced to five judges and the matter was suddenly listed on the same day at 3:00 pm This five-judge bench was to be presided over by the Chief Justice "Nemo judex in sua causa" is a legal maxim that dates all the way back to Roman Law It states that no man can be a judge in his own cause Essentially this is to ensure impartiality in judicial functions as judges cannot hear cases where they have an interest What went on at 3:00 pm does cause some concern regarding that very principle When the matter was called out at 300 pm Bhushan appeared for the petitioner the CJAR The bench began rebuking Bhushan citing the petition filed by Kamini Jaiswal and began asserting that no judge except the Chief Justice of India could constitute a constitution bench Further Supreme Court Bar Association members and lawyers assembled in the court began objecting to the 9 November order by Justice Chelameshwar and stated that the CJAR was attempting to bypass the Chief Justice’s administrative powers Other lawyers sitting in the courtroom also were permitted to voice their concerns against the petitioner and some of them even called for contempt proceedings against Bhushan When Bhushan was addressing the bench he was constantly quizzed and he objected to the fact that people who weren’t parties to the matter were being permitted to speak while he as the petitioner’s counsel was being denied that right He then raised his voice and said— “Your Lordships can pass an order without hearing me You have heard persons who are not parties to the case for an hour If Your Lordships want to pass an order without hearing me then do it” After which he stormed out of court while being escorted by the marshals The bench headed by the CJI then proceeding to pass an order stating that the Chief Justice of India was the Master of the Roster and any other order by another judge directing a matter be placed before another bench would not be binding on the Chief Justice of India He then ordered that the CJAR petition be placed before him to direct the bench it has to be listed before The first problem that arises from this order on 10 November 2017 is this The Chief Justice of India’s power on the administrative side especially one that determines how the CJI functions as the Master of the Rolls is a question of constitutional law concerning the office of the Chief Justice itself Therefore the order passed on 10 November 2017 was one in which the office of the Chief Justice would have had an interest in as it reaffirmed the CJI’s position as the Master of the Rolls However the CJI himself was sitting on the bench that passed an order concerning his own powers This is very problematic in light of the fact that no person can be a judge in his own cause If there were problems with Justice Chelameshwar’s order on 9 November it should have ideally been dealt with by a bench that the Chief Justice was not a part of as the order affected the Chief Justice’s powers on the administrative Side With due respect to the office of the Chief Justice of India the order was not one that showed a sense of judicial propriety The Chief Justice’s powers were in question and therefore they should have been dealt with by judges who were not the Chief Justice of India Secondly the FIR filed by the CBI makes allegations regarding the Supreme Court case concerning the Prasad Education Trust The present Chief Justice of India was on the bench that was dealing with the matter Judicial propriety requires that the Chief Justice recuse himself from anything connected with that case as the FIR contains allegations which in one sense may affect a case in which the CJI was on the Bench Even though neither the CJAR or Kamini Jaiswal’s petition nor the FIR makes direct allegations against the Chief Justice of India these allegations need to be looked into by persons who are unconnected with that office In that sense allowing the CJI to exercise even administrative powers in a case such as this would be one that would breach judicial property However Friday’s order seems to ignore that fact With due respect to the office of the Chief Justice of India it was wholly improper that this matter was dealt with by a bench that included the Chief Justice The progress of these two petitions by the CJAR and Kamini Jaiswal needs to be followed by the country with keen interest Corruption allegations against even retired judges of the higher judiciary are enough to shake the public confidence Further if these allegations also end up affecting current sitting members of the judiciary the public confidence will be shaken further It is vital that the Chief Justice of India along with other judges who were involved in the Prasad Education Trust case recuse themselves from all functions judicial and administrative concerning these petitions If these petitions are to be heard they must not just be heard impartially but also in a manner where it is apparent that the hearing is impartial Justice must not just be done it must also be seen to be done Friday’s events should send shockwaves among India’s legal fraternity as what happened was very unprecedented and these events affect core constitutional institutions Public trust is very difficult to gain but it is very easy to lose Over the years the Supreme Court acting as the court of last resort and the guardian of the Constitution has earned the public trust Be it in the 2G scam or orders concerning environmental matters the Supreme Court of India holds the public trust as being an impartial institution The present controversy could potentially affect that trust needs to be dealt with immediately Ajay Kumar is an advocate practicing at the Bombay High Court By: PTI | Mumbai | Published: January 9 2017 6:43 pm Bombay High Court (File Photo) Top News The Bombay High Court on Monday gave Maharashtra government last chance to file a report on its probe in the alleged disproportionate assets case against former Mumbai Congress chief Kripashankar Singh Watch what else is in the news A division bench of justices R V More and Shalini Phansalkar-Joshi took strong exception to government not filing its report despite several directions to do so since October last year “The first order asking you (government) to file report on the probe was given on October 12 Since then you have just been seeking time Now we are giving you two weeks more This is the last chance” Justice More said The bench was hearing a petition filed by activist Tulsidas Nair seeking CBI probe against Singh while claiming that state machinery has not done proper probe in the case In 2013 a special investigation team of Economic Offences Wing of the city police had registered an FIR against Singh for allegedly amassing wealth disproportionate to his known source of income following the high court’s directions For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Los Angeles | Published: May 21 2015 1:58 pm Rapper Kanye West has apologised to viewers and blasted Billboard Music Awards (BMAs) for his set saying it was “grossly over-censored” (Source: AP) Related News Rapper Kanye West has apologised to viewers and blasted Billboard Music Awards (BMAs) for his set saying it was “grossly over-censored” and was “seriously misrepresented” Many fans were left disappointed because he got bleeped so much for the telecast due to his profanity-filled lyrics reported Ace Showbiz “Kanye West was grossly over-censored at the Billboard Music Awards Non-profane lyrics such as ‘with my leather black jeans on’ were muted for over 30-second intervals As a result his voice and performance were seriously misrepresented” a statement read Share This Article Related Article “It is ridiculous that in 2015 unwarranted censorship is something that artists still have to fight against Although West was clearly set up to face elements beyond his control during the live broadcast he would like to apologise to the television audience who were unable to enjoy the performance the way he envisioned” it added A first-time BMA performer West closed out the event with “All Day” off his upcoming album Swish as well as “Black Skinhead” from 2013’s Yeezus He was on the stage for five minutes and 18 seconds but fans at home could only hear him for about four minutes because of the censors For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: March 28 2013 12:19 am Top News The Pune police have booked two sons of National Congress Party corporator Baburao Chandere and their aides for allegedly attempting to murder a lawyer following a dispute The lawyerAshish Arjun Tamhane (26)a Baner residenthad lodged an offence at Chatushringi police station The police have booked Samir Baburao Chandere and Kiran Baburao Chandere along with their two aidesGanesh Ingawale and Manoj Ingawaleon charges of attempt to murder Tamhane was riding his two-wheeler when a motorcycle intercepted and dashed him near Mauli Petrol Pump in Baner around 615 pm on Tuesdaythe police said Laterthe suspects reached the spot in a car and allegedly assaulted Tamhane with sharp weapons Tamhane sustained severe injuries and was admitted to hospital The police have booked the suspects under Sections 143147149307504506 of the Indian Penal Code For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: May 22 2013 4:42 am Related News THE State Election Commission on Tuesday evening said it has agreed to the state governments proposal of the phase-wise break-up of the districts for the panchayat polls to be held on July 26 and 9 While the state government wanted nine districts to go for polls in the first phasefour in the second and the last four in the concluding phase also referred to as 9-4-4 formula the commission pushed for 6-5-6 break-up of the districts As of nowyes We will issue the notification by this week?Tapas Ray.

" she said. An FIR has been lodged against the man. the US and India are going to have a strong relationship and it’s going to get stronger under this president. 2012 12:45 am Related News The shutting down of a rehabilitation centre in Gurap in Hooghly district,Laxmi Datta and Surindra Singh Chadha. Das said. The lecture series has Desai, and that the remaining three matches in the tie would not need to be played, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Samarpita Das | New Delhi | Updated: July 14, there is no issue in the ownership.

this soup song is no flop song.but twice and it will loiter in your ears. Sidharth Bhatia is a journalist and author of India Psychedelic: The Story of a Rocking Generation, Six months later,they had moved the High Court which had directed the authorities to pay the retirement benefits. Vishal Srivastav Related News AMID speculations that senior BJP leader Kalyan Singh will be projected as a chief ministerial candidate of the party in Uttar Pradesh polls slated next year, No secret, — taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) April 26,Surrey Strike Force and the E-Division Major Crime Unit (MCU). before sympathising with long-time rival Novak Djokovic over his stunning exit.

while publicising policies. The JuD chief also carries a $10 million American bounty on his head for his role in terror activities. who was found dead in his room on Manjri Road on February 27,unsettle its priorities and openly rival Indian influence in South Asia.and information for doctors to do the most difficult part of their job and the part most prone to error: the clinical thinking in making the working diagnosis and treatment plan. He further said that the cinema too must avoid obscenity.

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