Ajax’s first kit, in 1900, was black

first_imgAjax was founded on March 18, 1900. That Ajax originally wore a completely black uniform (T-shirt, pants and socks) with a red band tied at the waist of the players. The band was a complement, was not part of the shirt but the official kit. A short time later, that uniform was replaced by a red and white striped t-shirt with black pants, which are the three colors of the Amsterdam flag. The White T-shirt with a vertical strip toncha of Red color has always identified to Ajax, being one of the clothes most appreciated by football fans for their singularity, beyond the prestigious history that the club has won throughout its successful chronology. However, the most fans He doesn’t know that Ajax didn’t always dress like that. Moreover, this is the third different kit that has looked along his story. With that rojiblanca shirt he played for years until, in 1911, Ajax achieved promotion to Primera. Then he saw forced to change it because the Roterdam Sparta, the oldest club in the country (1888), dressed exactly same, colors that it still maintains today. As at that time did not exist the Second equipment for home games, according to the regulations the most recent club in the highest category should change the uniform. Thus, the new Ajax uniform chosen for the obligation of having to leave his was the current: white t-shirt with red stripe wide on chest and back with white pants.last_img

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