Head coach of Victoria Kings satisfied with performance

first_img… aiming to win the second halfHEAD coach of Victoria Kings, Rawle ‘Jug-head’ Huntley, expressed to Chronicle Sport his satisfaction with the team’s performance in the first half of the GFF-Elite League and he isVictoria Kings coach Rawle `Jug-head’ Huntleyaiming to top the second half.“I feel fully satisfied with the performance of the team, after the first game when we were humiliated by the Army, and this was because of distractions off the field that led to us not being focused.“After that we united as a team and got stronger with the rallying point being the very next game which we drew 0-0 with Conquerors.Thereafter, we grew from strength to strength and we are still building because there is always room for improvement. One of the major problems we had was indiscipline of some players, but ‘all-in-all’ it was a good all-round team effort throughout. Veteran defender Sherlock Dowden was consistently outstanding,” Huntley stated.The Kings who ended in 3rd position with 8 points are in their first season of the Elite League and according to coach Huntley a lot was learnt. “I must admit the first half was a true learning experience for us as a team and for me personally.“I learnt a lot, especially from the Army, whose dominance was due to their superior organisational capacity; of course they have the resources.”“There is still a lot of work to be done by all the teams, including the Army, as we strive to reach a level of quality football in the Elite League. But I think a lot could be learnt by all the teams from the Army’s flawless run. Their organisation on and off the field and their fitness are components worthy of emulating,” Huntley advised.It has not been smooth sailing for the head coach who emphasised his loyalty to the team but is calling for support, “I am willing to work a hundred and fifty percent for the team, but the kind of support I have been getting is kind of ‘fishy’. There is so much that goes on off the field that is counter-productive and I intend to address these issues when we meet, this weekend, for the first time since the first half ended.“The players, management and coaching staff, fans and administrators of the club must have a good working relationship if we are seeking success,” Huntley stressed.The Kings head coach is relishing the long break ahead for the Elite teams, as well as the upcoming transfer period and has promised to triumph once the club gets organised properly. “I feel the break is adequate and will do good for the players and for the coaches who will have enough time to correct problems while getting better prepared. In fact, I intend to fully utilise the period as the second round is expected to be more competitive.“I am looking forward to the transfer window when we will strengthen the squad. Negotiations have already begun with several players and once the necessary support from the club’s administrators is there, we intend to win the second round and that’s our goal. The key is getting ourselves organised.”The rookie coach of the Elite League season two also showered praise on the competition with special mention of the Army.“The Elite League is the only way forward for Guyana’s football and there are lots of opportunities and benefits for players and officials alike.“From what I have seen, the GDF team seem to be the best prepared and they looked well organised for the entire first round and that is why they are at the top. I indeed learnt a lot from them,” Huntley acknowledged.last_img

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