McIntosh vs. Mathais

first_imgIt would be easy to debate who provided more to their team during their 4 years of college–Bryant McIntosh of Northwestern or Dakota Mathais of Purdue.  McIntosh brought the Northwestern program to a level that they had not seen.  His leadership got them into the NCAA Tournament and also helped them achieve an upper division finish in the Big Ten.  On the minus side, he did not have a stellar senior season and the Wildcats floundered in the second half of this past year.Mathais started slowly at Purdue but continued to improve and was acknowledged as one of the best 3-point shooters in the nation the past 2 years.  He also competed as the Big Ten’s defensive player of the year.  Unlike Northwestern, Purdue has been near or at the top of the Big Ten all during Dakota’s tenure.  If it weren’t for the unfortunate injury of Haas, Purdue might have been in the Final Four this year.  McIntosh never achieved that level for Northwestern.Both players are prime examples of the “grass is always greener away from home”.  McIntosh went to high school in Indiana and chose Northwestern over Purdue.  Mathais grew up in Ohio and chose Purdue over Ohio State.last_img

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