Khruangbin Have Released A Quentin Tarantino-Inspired Music Video [Watch]

first_imgThai-funk surf-rock upstarts Khruangbin have released a breathtaking new music video for their song “Two Fish And An Elephant”. The song features Khruangbin at their smooth best, with a funky groove holding it down while a melodic and psychedelic guitar part drives the song forward.The video is like a Quentin Tarantino film, heavily featuring a violent female protagonist with several arrows in a quiver on her back. The girl is covered in blood and drawn by a string connected to a ring on her finger. The girl, known as “Two Fish”, follows the string, going back through a violent scene filled with murder that she seemingly created, finally coming upon “The Elephant” man who has been shot with several arrows in his back. The man gets up and he and the girl share a final dream-state dance before she departs with a huge smile on her face.Check the video out the wild video for yourself below!last_img

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