Tonight’s Broad City Episode Was Full Of Phish References

first_imgLyrics to “Run Like An Antelope,” “Cavern,” the album Rift, and more were featured throughout the program. Watch the “Antelope” clip below:Later in the episode, Abbi’s potential love interest quotes “Cavern”: The acclaimed Comedy Central series Broad City is back with their second episode of the season, and what an episode it was. If you’re reading this article and watched tonight’s episode, chances are you caught the many references to beloved jam band Phish. It turns out that one of the co-creators, Abbi Jacobson, has actually been a “phan” for quite some time, even referring to the group as “the boyz” in a tweet. In an interview with Relix she recalls, “I used to go to a lot of jam and Phish shows,” about growing up outside Philadelphia. “That’s what we did on the weekends— we’d see shows. It’s just such an amazing, rare thing to put yourself in that situation where you are improvising onstage.” Very happy to get to give “the boyz” (@phish ) a few shout outs on tonight’s ep.— Abbi Jacobson (@abbijacobson) February 25, 2016last_img

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