Mayor’s Message: Temporary Moratorium on Short-Term Rentals Begins

first_imgMayor Jay Gillian Dear Friends,First, I want to thank everybody for doing all they can to help stop the spread of coronavirus. I know this disruption to our work and way of life is not easy.I am aware of the concerns about an influx of new visitors to Ocean City during the current public health emergency.Although Ocean City ordinarily welcomes all visitors, at this time we must take all available steps to enforce social distancing recommendations and limit nonessential travel to Ocean City.As authorized by Gov. Phil Murphy’s Executive Order No. 108, Ocean City will prohibit online marketplaces from offering short-term rentals until further notice.In addition, I have spoken with leaders in the Ocean City real estate community, and they have agreed to suspend short-term rentals of any kind. I urge all private owners to do the same.The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a new request yesterday for all residents of New Jersey and surrounding states to stop nonessential travel.Gov. Murphy continues to allow municipalities to take new measures to fight the spread of COVID-19.I want you all to know that I will do everything I am permitted to do to protect the members of our community, our region and our nation.With the leadership of President Pete Madden and Vice President Tony Wilson, all of City Council is working as a team with the administration to do all we can.We all understand the health crisis we are living with, and a temporary moratorium on rentals can only serve to better ensure the health and safety of all Ocean City residents.We must all work together to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, and I absolutely believe this is another action that must be taken in our collective efforts.Thank you for your cooperation in this matter, and I wish good health to you and your loved ones.Warm regards,Mayor Jay A. Gillianlast_img

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