Exeter mass wedding bliss

first_imgExeterCollege became the love capi­tal of Oxford on Saturdaymorning when a number of the college’s Freshers got married to one another.Theceremony was conducted by ‘Father’ Chris Beaumont and ‘Father’ Henry Taysom,both of whom are priests of the Universal Life Church of California, as well asbeing stu­dents at the College.Theyreceived their calling into the priesthood via the ‘instant ordi­nation’ linkon the church’s website just under two weeks ago. Saturday’s wedding service,which saw more than thirty couples tie the knot, is their first since joiningthe ‘clergy’. Each couple will receive a certificate which officially registerstheir mar­riage in the church. FatherBeaumont said, “If we had been in Californiaall we would need to do is to obtain the consent of the state senator, and themarriage would have actually been legally binding!”TheUniversity Life Church of California is well established in the USA. The churchis said to take a lib­eral stance on such issues as same sex marriages andbigamy.However,while the exchanged matrimonial vows might be legally binding in the newlywedded Exonians are only bound to remain together as college parents to theircollege children – that is, the Freshers arriving next year.Father Taysom stated, “The honey­moon starts now. I shouldtherefore expect all husbands to be fulfilling their matrimonial duty ofplaying with their wives. ARCHIVE: 6th week MT 2005last_img

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