Who owns GuySuCo LBI complex?

first_imgDear Editor,I have seen advertisements by the Ministry of Agriculture concerning its World Food Day activity. The activity, from what I saw, was being held on October 16 at the Ministry’s complex at LBI.Being interested in the activity, I began to enquire from friends and relatives about the Ministry’s LBI complex as I wasn’t aware that the Ministry had established such a facility. Several persons I asked, were like me, clueless about the Agriculture Ministry’s complex.I have, however, come to learn that the complex is really the former LBI Estate complex which the GuySuCo Head Office is now located. I recall not too long ago, GuySuCo and NICIL were fighting, almost like cat and dog, regarding the ownership of the very property.Each side, I had read, claimed ownership in one way or another. It is now a surprise to learn that all of a sudden that the Ministry of Agriculture, it seems, is now the owner of the property. I do not recall any publication about this in the media.Did the Ministry purchase the complex from GuySuCo? If so what was the cost? Through what means did the Ministry acquire the property? Was there an open tender to determine the highest bid?What was the Ministry’s purchase price, if there was a purchase? And did the purchase price bear any semblance to a credible valuation since the Government has a penchant, it seems, for selling State assets at the valuation price.Yours sincerely,Liebert Alleynelast_img read more