Honor Band 4 review: Great value for money and a worthy competitor to Xiaomi Mi Band 3

first_imgPhones are getting smarter and becoming a part and parcel of our everyday life. Similar is the case with smartwatches and fitness bands nowadays, particularly as the prices of these gadgets come down. If you look at the smart fitness bands under Rs 5,000 there is one name that catches the attention. It is Xiaomi Mi Band 3. Now you can add to it the Honor Band 4, a fitness band with good looks, very low price and some cool features.I am using the Honor Band 4 for a while now and can confidently say that it is overall one of the best all-rounder smart fitness bands available under Rs 5,000 in India right now. There is also Xiaomi’s Mi Band 3 but after using both the Mi Band and the Honor Band I’ll give some extra points to the Honor Band 4 for additional bits that it offers to the users. Before I share the weeks of experience that I gathered with the Honor Band 4, let’s take a quick look at the functionality that the band offers.Honor band 4 key features–The Honor Band 4 packs Huawei TruSeen 3.0 heart rate technology that is capable of detecting heart rate in real time.–The Honor Band 4 acts as a personal sleep advisor to the users. It comes with Huawei’s TruSleep monitoring technology that is capable tracking sleeping activities and automatically recording user periods of REM (Rapid Eye Movement).–The Honor Band 4 comes with a large 2.5D curved screen which is a 0.95- inch AMOLED 240×120-colour display with full touchscreen.advertisement–The Honor Band 4 comes with a 6-axis sensor which automatically recognizes swim strokes, records swimming speed, distance and calories.–The Band 4 is swim-safe and water-resistant up to 50 metres.–The Band 4 comes packed with some handy smart features like online number identification, answering and rejecting calls, message notifications, among others.Good looks, bright display, comfortable to wearGood looks, perfect fit, and bright display are some of the very important factors that one looks for in a fitness band, and Honor Band 4 according to me is great in all these aspects. Overall, I find it slightly better than even the mighty Mi Band 3. The Honor Band 4 looks classy and it offers great functionality.The display of the Honor Band 4 is vivid and bright enough to be clearly visible inside the room as well as under blazing sunlight. The band adjusts the screen brightness automatically depending on the ambient lightning, which means if you’re inside a dark room the screen brightness of the band will automatically tone down so that it doesn’t hurt the eyes. It is great to see such a feature in a smart band so aggressively priced. The Honor Band 4 comes packed with a 0.95- inch AMOLED touchscreen display with screen resolution of 240×120 pixels. The AMOLED display at this price point too is nice. The Band 4 also comes with full-screen touch and home button control which is easy to operate and offers access to switch back to the home screen with one touch.In addition to the vibrant display another, and according to me one of the best bits about the Honor Band 4, feature is the colourful icons it sports. For example, the heart rate monitor appears in red, the number of steps walked is shown in blue, the call and message alerts appear in green, and so on. These colourful icons give that extra vibrant touch to the display of the Honor Band 4, which isn’t the case with the Mi Band 3.The display of the Honor Band 4 is vivid and bright enough to be clearly visible inside the room as well as under blazing sunlightComfortable fit is one of the key aspects for many in a smart band and the Honor Band 4 gets it right. The Honor Band 4 comes with a belt clip design that makes the band firmly attached to the user’s wrist which is great.Performance and batteryThe Honor Band 4 is light and comfortable to be worn throughout the day and night with ease. The Honor Band 4 comes with features that are mostly seen on top-notch smart watches like — heart rate monitoring and heart rate warnings, daily activities tracking and monitoring (which includes — recording fitness data such as step count, calories burned, and distance covered), and then there is notification reminders for caller ID, SMS, email, weather reports, calendar, and social apps.I found the Honor Band 4 slightly inaccurate in reading the heart rate, but overall the band manages to capture spot on data as far as the sleep and activity tracking is concerned. The Honor Band 4 also vibrates and alerts users about alarms, calls, new messages, new emails and so on. I’m also very impressed that the Band 4 lets users not only check the caller ID but also mute or reject the call when busy. The display of the band is pretty vibrant to read the messages clearly.advertisement The Honor Band 4 also comes with some very useful additional features like Find Your Phone (this feature lets users find their misplaced phone), activity reminder (which reminds the user to stand up or move if they are sitting in one place for a long time). The Honor Band 4 also comes with TruSleep feature which helps in sleep status recognition and data collection. This sleep tracking feature measures how good or bad is the user’s sleep pattern, a feature found only in very expensive health trackers or smart watches.The Honor Band 4 can be controlled using the Huawei health app. Interestingly, the band can be connected with any smartphone running Android 4.4 or later versions or iOS 9.0 or later versions. I connect the band to iPhone X and it was fairly easy to connect it with the phone.I’m also very impressed that the Band 4 lets users not only check the caller ID but also mute or reject the call when busy. The display of the band is pretty vibrant to read the messages clearlyOne area where I believe the Honor Band 4 could have been better is the battery life. Ah, those vibrant icons, they probably hurt its battery life. This is also one area where the Mi Band 3 is better. Honor promises to offer 2 weeks of battery backup in a single charge on a regular usage but in real life that isn’t the case. For me, the Band 4 lasted for about 4 – 5 days maximum in a single charge.Should you buy Honor Band 4?I have been using the Honor Band 4 for the past few weeks and love how it looks and fits in my hand. So, if you’re are looking for a smart band that’s good looking and ready to spend close to Rs 3,000, the Honor Band 4 is a good option to consider. But if money is the constraint and you can’t afford to spend more than Rs 2,000 on a fitness band, the Mi Band 3 isn’t a bad choice either but just that it looks slightly boring to me. Besides the inaccurate heart rate tracking, overall, the Band 4 looks great, offers pretty vibrant display, acts as a personal fitness trainer and also monitors user’s health and everyday activities efficiently.Honor launched the Band 4 in India in December with a retail price of Rs 2,599. The interesting bit is that the Honor Band 4 is available in some funky colour options like — Meteorite Black, Midnight Navy, and Dahlia Pink. The smart fitness band can be purchased exclusively from Amazon India store.Honor Band 4 review8/10ProsBright displayComfortable fitAffordableLooks goodConsInaccurate heart rate trackingBattery life not as promisedlast_img read more