Painting for a cause

first_imgThe alarming rise in the number of rape cases, abuse and trafficking faced by the fairer sex has prompted many individuals and organisations to step up and make an effort to stop these dastardly acts. The Apne Aap Women Worldwide, which works at the grassroots level, is one such initiative taken.And in order to make the world a better place, it is best to start changing mentalities right from the budding stage. So with the intention of changing the thought process of younger generation, the group recently organised a poster making competition in Delhi. Young artists produced some really wonderful and thought-provoking works. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’‘The focus is how sensitively these issues can be presented and the competition was an attempt in making young people participate and acknowledge these aspects of our social life,’ said Abhilasha Kumari, director, Apne Aap. ‘The roar may have died down, the issue hasn’t. The response of people, is very reassuring,’ said Manisha Parekh.Apurva Shroff, one of the winners, feels that it is only men who can make women feel safe. Describing her poster, she says: ‘It signifies that we live in a male-dominated society and the cufflinks signify a man’s hand. The different shades of hand — black, grey, white — represent the different type of men around us. It’s high time men should rise against rape because it’s only men who can make women feel secure. My poster says ‘Help her feel safe and rise against rape’’.We agree.last_img read more