HUD Official Suzanne Tufts Resigns

first_img  Print This Post in Daily Dose, Featured, News Data Provider Black Knight to Acquire Top of Mind 2 days ago Servicers Navigate the Post-Pandemic World 2 days ago Servicers Navigate the Post-Pandemic World 2 days ago Subscribe Assistant Secretary HUD Ben Carson HUD Interior Department Ryan Zinke Suzanne Tufts 2018-10-19 Staff Writer Raffi Williams, a spokesman for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), announced Friday afternoon that HUD Assistant Secretary Suzanne Tufts had offered resignation and it had been accepted. Tufts had been announced as a candidate for the role of acting director for the Interior Department earlier in the week. The official position of Director for the Interior Department has not been filled in 10 years. The office is currently being led by Deputy Inspector General Mary Kendall.According to NBC News, news of Tufts’ resignation from HUD comes at the end of a contentious week in regard to these rumors. The next inspector general at the Interior Department would become the lead investigator into allegations against the Interior Department’s Secretary Ryan Zinke, who has been accused of using taxpayer money to fund trips taken with his wife. Critics have argued that Tufts lacks qualifications for her rumored role, having no experience investigating allegations of unethical behavior.The Trump administration denied earlier Friday that she was chosen to fill this role by anyone at the White House. “The claim we handpicked her is completely inaccurate,” said Hogan Gidley, the White House Deputy Press Secretary. An email sent by HUD Secretary Ben Carson on October 12 contained a statement to the effect that Tufts was leaving HUD to become acting director at the Interior Department. This information was confirmed on Thursday by the Interior Department, which stated that Tufts “was referred to the Department by the White House as a potential candidate in the inspector general’s office.” To add to the confusion, however, the Interior Department later reversed itself on this position, saying that Carson’s email contained “false information” and that “anonymous claims from ‘White House officials’ that the Department blindsided them are absolutely false.”A HUD source confirmed this, stating that Carson’s email was the result of miscommunication among his staff.Editor’s Note: FHFA has been contacted for further comment but has not yet responded at this time.  Governmental Measures Target Expanded Access to Affordable Housing 2 days ago The Best Markets For Residential Property Investors 2 days ago The Best Markets For Residential Property Investors 2 days ago Demand Propels Home Prices Upward 2 days ago The Week Ahead: Nearing the Forbearance Exit 2 days ago Governmental Measures Target Expanded Access to Affordable Housing 2 days ago About Author: Staff Writer HUD Official Suzanne Tufts Resigns October 19, 2018 2,532 Views Tagged with: Assistant Secretary HUD Ben Carson HUD Interior Department Ryan Zinke Suzanne Tufts Share Save Related Articles Demand Propels Home Prices Upward 2 days ago Data Provider Black Knight to Acquire Top of Mind 2 days ago Sign up for DS News Daily Home / Daily Dose / HUD Official Suzanne Tufts Resigns Previous: Existing-Home Sales Struggle Despite a Strong Economy Next: How Technology is Bringing Buyers and Sellers Closerlast_img read more

SMC fair to offer service opportunities to students

first_imgSaint Mary’s will host a service fair in the Student Center Friday between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., which will feature different organizations offering a variety of volunteer opportunities for students.The director of the Office for Civic and Social Engagement (OCSE) Erika Buhring said she started the Service Fair in the fall of 2014 to provide “an environment for students and community agencies to connect with one another.”“The primary reason a service fair was started was to draw volunteer-minded students, staff, and faculty together in order to connect them with organizations that were in need of their assistance,” she said.Janice Chung | The Observer According to Buhring, organizations that will be present at the fair include Hannah and Friends, St. Margaret’s House, She’s the First, Students Supporting Autism, the South Bend Center for the Homeless, Food Bank of Northern Indiana, Take Ten, the American Red Cross and the Jesuit Volunteer Corps among others.“Integrated within the mission of the OCSE is the notion of developing a bridge for the Saint Mary’s community to connect with the Michiana area while also fostering a sense of social responsibility towards others as they participate in civic engagement,” she said. “The Service Fair certainly promotes these ideals.” Buhring said the Service Fair differs substantially from the Involvement Fair, which was held earlier this year by the Office of Student Involvement. For one thing, she said the Service Fair is held the second week of school as opposed to the first week so that students have a chance to become familiar with their schedules before signing up for volunteer opportunities. Additionally, Buhring said the Service Fair focuses on bringing outside agencies to campus instead of exclusively promoting on-campus groups.However, she said together the Service and Involvement Fairs serve to help students become involved on campus.“The OCSE sees that the Service Fair and the Involvement Fair are complementary towards one another. By having both, individuals have the opportunity to learn about so many different types of activities and volunteer work available to them.”Buhring said the Service Fair also encourages faculty and staff as well as students to participate and find opportunities to volunteer.“This fair constructs the space for fostering conversations that in turn allow each participant to learn more about opportunities that might be a solid fit for them,” she said. “Volunteer placement success rates are increased due to interactions at the Service Fair.”Saint Mary’s stresses the importance of service and provides students with opportunities to get involved, Buhring said. She said through the Service Fair, students can conveniently learn and follow through on making connections with the community and with post-graduate organizations.“The design of the fair is to assist students in making a strong match to an opportunity that they might otherwise not be aware of,” Buhring said. “The size of the fair allows for students to be able to talk individually to the representatives from the organization, but also allows them to see the breadth of choices available to them.”Tags: saint mary’s, service, service fairlast_img read more

Former speechwriter for the White House visits campus

first_imgFormer White House speechwriter for the Obama Administration, Jon Favreau, spoke at the Von Kleinsmid Center Monday afternoon on his experience as a political speechwriter and his current work at Fenway Strategies, a public relations/speechwriting agency, in which he is a founding partner.Political science professor Bob Shrum moderated the talk, titled, “Do Words Have Power?“Shrum began the forum by pointing out that Favreau was one of the youngest chief speechwriters for any president in history.Favreau said the president is very “hands-on,” unlike other presidents — most notably Nixon who preferred a corporate hands-off approach.Favreau pointed out that the only way to create a successful speech is to integrate details on a personal level.“Speechwriting is an incredibly personal process you are trying to integrate thoughts and beliefs with personal stories,” Favreau said. “The only way you can do that is by forming a relationship with the other person.”Furthermore, Favreau expressed the importance of focused speechwriting to the students in attendance. The speechwriter pointed out that having too many ideas in a speech can be confusing .“When there are too many cooks in the kitchen, the speech is bad,” Favreau said.Shrum, toward the end of his section of the discussion, steered Favreau toward the personal style of Obama and the speechwriting relationship Favreau developed with the president.Favreau described his speeches as taking on an extremely logical writing style, per Obama’s vision.“The constitutional professor [and] the legal mind really comes through with him,” Favreau said. “He is extremely logical, extremely ordered in his thinking, which is one of the most important things in speechwriting.”Favreau described the varied instances in which first drafts would come back with few edits from the president and other times in which the paper would be “covered in black ink.”Obama’s nuanced and specific speech style is what Favreau, referred to by Obama as “Favs,” seemed to strive for in his time in the Obama Administration. Favreau referred to Obama’s perfectionism when making edits to speeches, saying that the president was still editing his election night speech “even as states were being called.”Favreau went on to take questions from the audience, ranging from the role of technology and the role of humor in speechwriting and his opinions on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.According to Favreau, Clinton hasn’t been connecting to viewers as well as she can be.“I think that she has missed an opportunity to give big speeches and lay out a vision,” Favreau said. “Running for president is about laying out your vision.”Afterward, Favreau pointed out Trump’s ability to connect to the public with his lack of political correctness.“He has really exposed the phoniness of politics,” Favreau said. “People are like, at least he’s real.”Additionally, Favreau said Trump and Obama are similar because they are both authentic.“Authenticity forms, from above all else, fearlessness,” Favreau said. “[Trump’s] such a narcissist that he doesn’t care.”Favreau also discussed the State of the Union address and jokingly referred to it as a “beast of a process.”He said that the State of the Union requires diligent preparation with the president regarding themes and topics which must be started months before.Favreau closed with what he views as the most important element of speechwriting — storytelling.“A speech is a story with a beginning, middle and an end,” Favreau said. “It all comes down to transitions; you want to make sure every idea in the speech flows seamlessly to the next.”Sonali Seth contributed to this report.last_img read more

Warriors’ Draymond Green gets engaged, Steve Kerr announces

first_img“The time’s been great,” Kerr told reporters after … Warriors coach Steve Kerr broke the news that his All-Star forward Draymond Green got engaged while the team has been in Los Angeles the past few days.While talking about the team’s relaxing time in Southern California, Kerr sort of let it slip Monday that Green is now engaged to be married to reality TV star Hazel Renee. Neither of them had officially announced the big news, so Kerr beat all the entertainment news websites to the story.last_img

The Spin on Planets

first_img(Visited 31 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 As the orbs whirl around Sol, human understanding of our space neighborhood rises and falls.Mercury:  The innermost planet has undergone a paradigm shift since the MESSENGER spacecraft arrived.  Now, explosive volcanoes are prominent in explanations for its many flat-floored craters and volcanic plains, Robin Wylie discusses on The Conversation.  Here’s his spin doctoring:Before its explosive nature surfaced, experts assumed that, having formed so close to the sun, Mercury would have been stripped of its volatile gases early on in its life. So future theories of Mercury’s genesis must now take into account how the planet kept its fizz hidden. They will likely now invoke ideas of ancient collisions with volatile-rich “planetesimals” – balls of rock and dust that are thought to have formed the inner planets – which could have topped up Mercury’s levels.  All of this puts a new spin on the first rock from the sun, and its place among the others.Venus:  Water at 900 degrees?  Live Science reported that a revisit of 30-year old data from the European Space Agency’s Venus Express orbiter and ground data from Russian Venera landers suggests (indirectly) that water molecules might have survived in the planet’s mantle.  Since those early days of exploration, scientists have dreamed of proving that Venus was once host to Earth-like lakes and oceans of liquid water before the climate went terribly bad.Earth and the Young Sun Paradox:  How did the Earth stay warm when the early sun was 25% cooler than today?  That old puzzle was revisted by Astrobiology Magazine.  Astronomers are still working on the new spin.  Maybe it was tiny bubbles in the wine of Earth’s early atmosphere: changes to the ratios of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases.  “We do have some choices for understanding the early atmosphere,” Bernard Marty said.  It’s going to be tough to spin a solution out of the paradox, because as Earth was evolving, changes to the magnetic field, the atmosphere and the crust were evolving, too.  Maybe noble gases helped: “We think that this implies that the xenon composition has been evolving through time and it was not fully in the atmosphere 3.5 billion years ago,” Marty said.Mars:  See the 2/13/14 entry for Mars news.Asteroids:  A paper in Nature found “unexpected diversity” of asteroid composition in the asteroid belt.  This undermines the idea that a single body disrupted in that orbital region.  “The asteroids in the main asteroid belt have been discovered to be more compositionally diverse with size and distance from the Sun than had previously been known,” the abstract says.  “This implies substantial mixing through processes such as planetary migration and the subsequent dynamical processes.”Jupiter’s Io:  The volcanoes of Io have been popping off consistently for decades at least, a new paper on Icarus says.  Based on comparative data from Galileo and New Horizons missions, the authors state this finding: “Most Ionian hot spots [are] very persistent on decade timescales.”Jupiter’s Ganymede:  The largest moon in the solar system, Jupiter’s 3rd Galilean satellite Ganymede, got a new map published.  Combining data from the Voyager and Galileo spacecraft, the new map shows a splotchy surface that PhysOrg displayed.  The article did not mention any new findings, but connected potential water to potential life, as is customary for NASA press releases: “With its varied terrain and possible underground ocean, Ganymede is considered a prime target in the search for habitable environments in the solar system, and the researchers hope this new map will aid in future exploration.”  As John Grotzinger pointed out last week, habitable does not mean inhabited.  A paper in Icarus comparing Ganymede and Europa shows the difficulty in inferring crustal depths from crater characteristics.Saturn’s Titan:  Three papers discussed Titan recently.  One in Icarus tried to figure out how icy “sand” particles move around to form the equatorial dunes and infer something about the time involved.  Another paper in Icarus tried to refine the distribution of methane in the atmosphere.  A third paper in Icarus found that the equatorial dunes cover about 17% of the moon’s surface, and comprise the bulk of organics on Titan.  One surprise involves dating: “Dunes are the largest visible surface reservoir of hydrocarbons and may be less than 730-Myr old.”  That would be just 16% of Titan’s assumed age.Saturn and rings:  Another stunning photo of Saturn’s north polar vortex, shaped like a hexagon, was published by  Atmospheric scientist Andrew Ingersoll said that vortices like these are “notoriously turbulent and unstable,” yet this one has been spinning at least since Voyager’s flybys in 1981.  A photo of little potato-shaped moon Prometheus is shown by PhysOrg pulling on the F-ring.  “It’s a visual demonstration of gravity at work!” the article exclaimed.  Icarus described a bit of “calm amidst the chaos” in this ephemeral ring of tiny ice particles, predicting a narrow, stable zone in the core of the ring.  How can that be, with Prometheus and Pandora constantly tugging on it?  “Essentially, we find that the F Ring core is not confined by a combination of Prometheus and Pandora, but a combination of Prometheus and precession.”  How stable over time that arrangement could be is not clear; it seems like a tenuous balance.  Astrobiology Magazine published an overview of “Cassini’s View of Weird & Wonderful Saturn,” ending with a prediction of the spacecraft’s daring attempt to “shoot the pier” in 2017 before it plunges into the gas giant.Extrasolar planets:  Now that planets around other stars are becoming commonplace, what’s new with them?  On PhysOrg, Caltech astronomer Fraser Cain discussed “What are hot Jupiters?”.  In text and video, she explains how new theories of migration were invented to account for the unexpected observation of gas giants orbiting their stars closer than Mercury to the sun every 2-3 days.  Asked how they got there, she said, either the dust disk in which they formed created a torque pulling them in, or they got slingshotted in by interactions with other planets.   Those are just some theories they’re working on.Extrasolar moons: claims that extrasolar planets may not need a big moon to support life.  Jack Lissauer at NASA-Ames found in computer simulations that changes to obliquity without a large moon were not as dramatic as previously calculated.  “For timescales that are relevant to advanced life, it changes by maybe plus or minus 10 degrees — a lot bigger than we have with our moon, but a lot smaller and a lot fewer climate effects [than predicted by previous models],” he said.  Still, this is only a simulation.  “We’re not talking about, really, the Earth without the moon as a realistic model for the Earth, unless somebody goes out there and destroys the moon,” he said. “We’re using this as the first case of studying a plausible exoplanet, and we’re going to use some future calculations — we’re going to do the same thing with other systems.”Good time to recall Finagle’s Second Law: “No matter what the experiment’s result, there will always be someone eager to: (a) misinterpret it, (b) fake it, or (c) believe it supports his own pet theory.”  Planets spin, and so do their spin doctors.  Ask them, “What do you know?” and you get a much smaller subset of verbiage.  This is confirmed by the number of times previously held beliefs have been overturned.This is also a good time to remember Ken Ham’s debate argument contrasting observational science and historical science.  Despite Bill Nye’s denials, there is a difference (see also Todd Friel’s explanation on Wretched TV).  We can observe hot Jupiters, but we cannot retrace how they got there.  We can see Saturn’s F-ring, and dunes on Titan, but nobody was there to see how they got that way.  All one can do is model it, or create a plausible story that doesn’t violate known physics.  That being the case, alternative models should be welcomed, and any consensus view must be humbly considered tentative.last_img read more

Bok victory seals a sporting weekend

first_imgBok stalwarts: Saturday’s match against the Wallabies marked the 50th cap for both Jannie du Plessis and Morné Steyn. Photo: SA Rugby By Anne Taylor30 September 2013It was a great sporting  weekend for South Africa – Ernie Els had a cracker of a round at St Andrews putting him in contention to win the Dunhill Classic, cyclist Louis Meintjes raced to a silver medal in the under-23 road race at the UCI World Championships in  Italy – and, best of all, the Springboks beat the Australians 28-8 in a thrilling match at Newlands in Cape Town on Saturday.The All Blacks won against Argentina, setting up the final between the world’s two best teams on Saturday (October 5) at Ellis Park in Johannesburg. The Springboks will need to beat the All Blacks and score a bonus point, without conceding one, to win the Rugby Championship.“A few things we have worked on that worked, this is a special bunch of players, really hungry to do well for their country,” coach Heyneke Meyer said after the match. “We don’t play on emotion, but focus on task at hand. We are in with a chance to win championship, and are where we wanted to be.”The last time the Aussies won at the Newlands rugby stadium in Cape Town was in 1992. Saturday’s game was also the Springboks’ 50th test at Newlands, the first ground in South Africa to host the national team 50 times. And it was Morné du Plessis and Jannie du Plessis’ 50th game. Du Plessis and his brother Bismarck became the first South African siblings to achieve 50 caps a piece.Read the match report on Bok win sets up showdown vs NZlast_img read more

Flickr Sprouts App Garden: Five Cool Apps We Discovered

first_imgFlickr, the ever-more-popular photo-sharing service, has a five-year history of apps built on its API. From the interesting to the useful to the pretty to the downright silly, these applications make up a colorful and varied ecosystem around the service itself.Flickr has organized these third-party apps into a “garden,” complete with user favorites, tags, descriptions and screenshots. The App Garden represents a significant evolution from the former “services” section on the user side, and the revamp includes new features for developers, who can now use the Garden as a tool to help users discover their products. Read on for details and a few spotlighted Flickr apps we thought were fun.As Flickr software engineer Mikhail Pachenko wrote on the Flickr developer blog, “We’ve tried to make things as simple and straight-forward as possible” for developers. On a new Apps By Me page, devs will find their apps are kept private until the creator decides to go public with the product.“When you click on one of your apps,” Pachenko continued, “you will be taken to the owner view of your app page. This page is where you tell the world about your app – provide a description, link to a website, set screenshots, and add tags. When you’re ready, change the privacy setting to public. That will make your app visible to other users and allow it to show up in searches.”Now, for end users, here are a few apps we picked from the Garden that we think you might like.Bubblr Makes Comics This delightful time-saver shows a compact grid of photos uploaded from a user’s contacts during given time periods between 30 minutes and 8 hours prior to the current time. Below each user’s avatar is the number of photos uploaded, and the avatars can be clicked to display (or hide) an array of thumbnails to quick digestion of the day’s pics.Suggestify Geotags Photos A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting This app lets users geotag other users’ Flickr photos by suggesting a location to the photo’s owner. That geotag information is stored with Suggestify until the photo owner approves or rejects the suggestion. If approved, the photo is geotagged and the user who suggested the geotag is credited with a special tag on the photo.Flogr Turns Flickr Pics Into Photo Blogs Related Posts Tags:#Photo Sharing Services#web This app is focused on delivering a seamless, quick viewing experience with minimal visual distraction. Users can choose to check out interesting photos filtered by user or by group. They can search for photos or simply browse to discover the most interesting photos on a given day. Flickriver also includes a keyboard-operated slideshow mode. Better still, Flickriver offers a dynamic badge for bloggers to showcase their images. jolie odell Flogr is a PHP/MySQL-powered photoblog interface that displays a main photo page with EXIF data and Flickr comments, a customizable thumbnails page of a user’s recent pictures, a slideshow component, a tag cloud and an about page showing the Flickr user’s profile. Users can also determine which photos are displayed by telling Flogr to only include images with certain tags.Flickriver Surfaces Interesting Photos Make comic strips from your or others’ Flickr photos with this fun, simple application from Barcelona-based shop Pimpampum. The app allows users to search for photos by user or by tag, string the pics into strips, and add captions, thought bubbles and speech bubbles. Creations can be shared via a user’s blog, Delicious or email.Flickr For Busy People Speeds Up Skimming Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Happy Birthday – the Wiki Celebrates its Sweet 16

first_imgThe wiki turns16 today. How far it has come since that day 16 years ago when Ward Cunningham created a Web page that anyone could edit.Today, we see the evidence of that pioneering work in all facets of the Web and the emerging app ecosystem.In the 1990s, there was a vision of the read/write Web. But most sites were static with little or no interactivity.The wiki helped transform the Web into an experience that is as much about writing to a page as it is about reading it.As I write this, billions of messages are being written on Web sites and apps of all varieties. That’s the read/write Web and what we see as the norm for mobile apps. In may ways, those developments represent the significance of this birthday.So, how can we celebrate?Edit the WikiBirthday page! Add your name and a birthday note. Do so and you’ll get a nice little thank you from Ward Cunningham.Edit the WikiBirthday Facebook page.Tweet a happy birthday note.Write a blog post.Tell your wiki story.Here’s mine:I learned about RSS in 2003 and decided to do a Webcast called RSS Winterfest. I soon discovered Socialtext and learned about the power of the wiki and the potential combination with RSS. Ross Mayfield and the Socialtext team became a big part of that event. We created a wiki that we used as a way to live edit the discussions taking place in the webcast. Roland Tanglao helped edit in real-time as we discussed the potential of RSS in the two-day event with Dave Winer, Robert Scoble, Jeff Jarvis and a host of others. That was a defining time for me and has since led me on a host of adventures. Thank you, Ward. It’s a great day to celebrate! Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostingcenter_img alex williams Tags:#cloud#news 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Mets Sign Cuddyer For $21M

first_imgNEW YORK — Eager to go on a long-overdue playoff run, the New York Mets realized they owed their pitching staff — and fans — a proven hitter.On Nov. 10, they got one.The Mets made baseball’s first splash of the offseason, agreeing with two-time All-Star outfielder Michael Cuddyer on a two-year deal worth $21 million.“Michael is a tremendous addition to the middle of our lineup,” General Manager Sandy Alderson said in a statement.The 2013 NL batting champion became the first top free agent to switch teams since the World Series. Cuddyer, who turns 36 in March, had until later in the day to decide whether to accept a $15.3 million qualifying offer from Colorado.“Sandy has talked about we’re looking to turn the corner here and start to compete in 2015,” Mets Assistant General Manager John Ricco told reporters at the GM meetings in Arizona.“I think this is a message that we’re going to be aggressive. Right out of the box we had a guy we liked, and we went and got him,” he said.When he’s healthy, Cuddyer hits. Even when he’s hurt, he still swings a serious bat. Cuddyer batted .332 with 10 home runs and 31 RBIs this year in a season interrupted by injuries.He was limited to 49 games and was on the disabled list three times because of a strained left shoulder and a strained left hamstring. From mid-April to early September, he spent of a part of each month on the DL.“He took a physical today. We’ve looked at all the injuries and there was nothing there that we were too concerned about,” Ricco said. “And the age is the age. Certainly there’s risk associated with any signing.”The Mets went 79-83 last season, their sixth straight losing year since moving into Citi Field. They are hoping to contend for their first playoff spot since 2006, boosted by a strong rotation helped by the return of ace Matt Harvey from Tommy John surgery.Hours after Cuddyer joined the Mets, Jacob deGrom won the NL Rookie of the Year award.“I’m really looking forward to next year, with Harvey returning and just being a part of that staff. And then signing a bat like that, l think next year is going to be exciting,” deGrom said.New York hit .239 last year, 28th in the majors, and wanted to add a hitter or two this offseason. Their fans pointed to another stat — playing in a major market, they finished the regular season 21st in payroll at under $93 million — and hoped the team would spend what it took to improve.Cuddyer made 35 starts in right field last year, along with 11 at first base and two at third.He joins a lineup where Daniel Murphy was the leading hitter at .289. All-Star third baseman David Wright had a down season and finished with an injured shoulder, while first baseman Lucas Duda provided pop with 30 home runs.Wright and Cuddyer are friends from the same region of Virginia, and have spent offseasons working out together and playing racquetball.In the Mets’ outfield, Juan Lagares won a Gold Glove last week in center. Curtis Granderson hit .227 with 20 homers while mostly playing right and Chris Young, Eric Young Jr. and several others shared left.Cuddyer hit .331 with the Rockies in 2013, along with 20 home runs and 84 RBIs. He was the NL’s starting designated hitter in the All-Star game that year at Citi Field.The Mets are moving in the fences in right field at Citi Field for next season. A right-handed hitter, Cuddyer has sprayed the ball around over the years.Cuddyer is a .279 hitter with a .347 on-base percentage in 14 seasons with Colorado and Minnesota. He hit a career-high 32 homers in 2009 with the Twins.In his three years with the Rockies, he batted .329 at hitter-friendly Coors Field and .286 on the road. “This is a guy who is a professional hitter,” Ricco said. “He’s been in both leagues and had success everywhere.”Cuddyer played in the postseason in six years with Minnesota, hitting .338 in 22 playoff games. He will get $8.5 million next season and $12.5 million in 2016.By signing Cuddyer, the Mets lose their first-round draft pick in June, the 15th choice overall. Colorado gets an extra pick between the first and second round.The Rockies lost 96 games last season, second-most in the majors to Arizona’s 98, with Carlos Gonzalez, Charlie Blackmon and Corey Dickerson in the outfield along with Cuddyer.TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

4 days agoLiverpool teenager Brewster showing improvement after Wolves brace

first_imgAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say Liverpool teenager Brewster showing improvement after Wolves braceby Freddie Taylor4 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveLiverpool U23 boss Neil Critchley says Rhian Brewster is improving after his double against Wolverhampton Wanderers on Sunday.The 19-year-old made his first-team debut against MK Dons in the Carabao Cup and boosted his chances of another appearance with a fine display in the 4-3 win over Wolves at Kirkby.Asked if Brewster was taking steps in the right direction, Critchley said: “There were positives to take from the game and Rhian’s goals were among them.”He is looking slightly better every time he plays. That was arguably his best game for us this season, not just his goals but his all-round contribution, the way he led the line particularly without the ball, competing with his back to goal as well.”He was competing very well with longer balls and balls in the air. He put a real shift in for the team which is something he will be able to do as he gets fitter. I was really pleased with his contribution.” last_img read more