Portland police arrest 3 in May Day protest deemed a riot

first_imgPORTLAND — Demonstrators threw smoke bombs, Molotov cocktails and other items at police Monday in Portland, Oregon, during May Day protests and storefront windows were broken during rowdy protests in Olympia.Portland police arrested more than two dozen people near Pioneer Square after a protest permit had been cancelled “due to actions of anarchists.” Police say the anarchists destroyed a police car, set several fires in the street, damaged storefront windows and attacked police.No injuries were immediately reported.In Olympia police say they took at least eight people into custody after several officers were injured by black-clad protesters throwing rocks and smashing windows. Police in Washington’s capital city had ordered a group of protesters to disperse Monday evening, saying “the group is not friendly” and “this is a riot.”Police described the group as “members of a mob” wearing masks and said they were firing rocks from sling shots as well as throwing bottles and using pepper spray. Police said they had deployed crowd control devices.In Seattle hundreds of people chanting “Stand up, fight back,” marched through downtown to support immigrants and workers on May Day. Seattle police arrested at least five people, including 26-year-old man for reportedly throwing a rock as a group of Trump supporters met up with other May Day protesters in Westlake Park.last_img read more