Microsoft creates a HoloDesk using Kinect

first_imgFrom the moment Microsoft made the Kinect motion peripheral available, people were experimenting with it beyond the realms of the Xbox 360. Interest was so great in fact, that Microsoft ended up releasing a Windows development kit for it.Earlier this week we saw how the Kinect is being used to create a touchscreen on any surface. Now, Microsoft Research has used it to create an interactive 3D holographic system they are calling the HoloDesk.HoloDesk was developed by the Sensors and Device Group at Microsoft Research Cambridge, and works by creating a virtual scene of 3D objects for a user to play with. The user sits in front of a transparent optical display and can see 3D objects through it. Using their hands it is possible to grab and manipulate those objects in real-time.Of course, the user isn’t actually feeling anything when they touch these virtual objects. The Kinect sensor is just tracking their hands and using a clever algorithm to match them up with the position of the objects in the scene and carry out the manipulations.What’s important is the result, though. This looks to be one of the best examples yet of being able to interact with a 3D scene through “touch” and a natural user interface.Although only an early prototype, there’s a number of uses for such a system. How many doctor’s and surgeons would benefit from being able to practice safely on a virtual body with their hands in this way, for example? What are the possibilities for this kind of interaction being used in video games?The video below gives a great demonstration of HoloDesk in action, and offers up a few more ideas for potential use cases.Read more at GeekWire and TechNetlast_img read more