OnLive to launch streaming web access this summer

first_imgOnLive’s slick game and video streaming service is certainly impressive. The behind-the-scenes magic performed by its server farm allows OnLive users to play their favorite PC and console games on devices like the iPad or Motorola Xoom, and that’s an undeniably cool trick.Now the company has made it clear that it’s not going to stop at gaming. Next up: web browsing.OnLive plans to take on the likes of Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer with a cloud-powered web browser that harnesses the power of its servers to pre-render streaming web content. That will include re-encoding things like Flash video so it can be played on the iPad or iPhone. And because OnLive’s massive computing cluster is taking care of page processing, it’s theoretically capable of much faster rendering speeds than most of the desktops, laptops, and mobile devices people are using today.Right now, the company is still figuring out how far to take things. Will all active content eventually be greenlighted? Possibly, but for now the goal is to deliver enough functionality to users that the majority of sites they’ll want to visit are fully working.Does that mean you’ll be able to play to your favorite Kongregate games in its browser? No, probably not — not in the beginning, at least. It should mean that most of the embedded audio and video you encounter online will be accessible, whether it’s Quicktime, Windows Media, or Flash-based.CEO Steve Perlman also states that the company is undecided about whether to charge for the OnLive browser, saying instead that the plan is to let people “run wild” at first and see what data usage looks like before making a decision.While OnLive talks about this service being revolutionary and “insane,” it seems an awful lot like a combination of the ideas that power two existing mobile browsers: Opera Mini (the world’s most popular mobile browser) and Skyfire. Skyfire, of course, is famous for being the first browser that delivered Flash video to iOS devices. Opera Mini reduces page load times and data transfer by rendering and compressing web content on its own servers and then pushing the finished product to users.More at OnLive Fanslast_img read more