Alienware M18x hinted at on Dell support page

first_imgOver at Dell’s support site, the company has a list of Alienware laptops, with one surprise: the M18x. We’ve been hearing rumors for some time about Dell releasing an 18-inch gaming notebook, but so far nothing has come to pass. The 18.4-inch computer would, according to rumor, come in at a larger size than the M17x, instead of replacing it.The link is viewable on Dell’s Support documentation page, right alongside current models like the M17x R3 and the M11x R2. When clicked the link sends you over to an M17x support page, with a url ending in in /M17x/. Changing that last bit to /M18x/ ends up in a 404 page and this appears to be the only instance of “M18x” occurring on the support site.While interesting, this doesn’t mean anything just yet. The link seems to be a placeholder until the day that the M18x arrives but we have no idea when that will happen or if an M18x is even in the works. We have heard other rumors about the M18x before, such as it running dual AMD 6970M (CrossFireX) or dual NVIDIA GTX 460M (SLI) graphics, but those look like slim speculation compared to a link on an official Dell site. (Though Dell doesn’t seem to appreciate them.)There is a lot of speculation flying around the forums where the link was first posted, but also further rumors. These include possibilities for the the design/components, a codename (“Avenger”), and even an arrival date (late June).So far the M18x is just another unicorn prancing about the internets, but some people are sure about its upcoming arrival and Dell’s own support page seems to agree. Let’s hope it’s just a question of timing.last_img read more