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Members of the men’s hockey team huddle up prior to the start of game one during Ohio State’s hockey game vs. Michigan State on March 1. Ohio State won 5-1. Credit: Nick Hudak | For The Lantern The Ohio State Men’s Ice Hockey team took on Michigan State on March 1 and March 2 at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus. Ohio State won game one 5-1 but lost game two 3-2. Photos by Nick Hudak and Casey Cascaldo.


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Ferugson PrimaryCabbage Hill,Crooked Island 3 26St. John’s Native Baptist Church323-5434 1.Lighthouse Church of GodHarbour Island 3.St. John’s Baptist Church District:  San Salvador & Rum Cay         ADDRESS 3.Zion Baptist church District:  Cat Island District         Great Harbour Cay Augusta & Patton Streets– 15Ebenezer Mission Baptist Church322-8161 2.St. James Baptist Church 2.Wesley Methodist ChurchHarbour Island DESIGNATED HURRICANE SHELTER LISTING 2O17 – – 12Ebenezer Baptist ChurchRolleville 1. Farrington Road 3.Trinity City of Praise Centre 19Bahamas Association for the Physically Disabled/322-2393 – 3. 18 4.Collie’s DuplexAlbert Town,Long Cay Blake Road– Church of God NoNAME OF SHELTER 2 – First Baptist Church HallColumbus Drive & Nansen Avenue352-9224 West Avenue 23 Hillview Seventh Day AdventistChurch361-8683 5.Command Centre & Additional Shelter 9 17St. Barnabas Anglican Parish Church323-5995/326-2192/323-4460 Wulff & Baillou Hill Road– NoNAME OF SHELTER Shirley Street Nicholls Town 3 – Central Church of God HallCoral Road373-5355 DESIGNATED HURRICANE SHELTER LISTING 2O17 2.Pirates Well Primary School District:  Central Eleuthera District Bowen Sound 7.St. John’s Anglican Church Hall NoNAME OF SHELTER NO. 12Southwest CathedralChurch of God341-0356 Meadow Street– 13Church of God of Prophecy322-3241/322-3097/322-8376 5.First Baptist ChurchSan Andros College of the Bahamas Resource Centre 3.Deleveaux’s ResidenceMajor’s Cay,Crooked Island 1.Administration Building 3.Long Bay Cays Pre-SchoolLong Bay Cay – Administration Building(COMMAND CENTRE) DESIGNATED HURRICANE SHELTER LISTING 2O17 Gambier Village– NoNAME OF SHELTERADDRESSS 1. District:  Exuma District 4.Mission Church of God Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, June 20, 2017 – All Islands –HURRICANE SHELTERS 2017NEW PROVIDENCE Pentecostal Church 6.St. Christopher’s Anglican Church Baillou Hill Road– NoNAME OF SHELTER Related Items: 2.High Rock Primary SchoolThe Bluff Calabash Bay DESIGNATED HURRICANE SHELTER LISTING 2O17 6.B. A. 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Walker Senior High SchoolAuditorium/326-2001/326-1323 Meeting Street 4.Gerace Reasearch Centre Epworth Hall/Ebenezer Methodist Church/393-2936/393-1763 – District:  Mayaguana District      3.St. Matthew’s Baptist Church Calabash Bay 16Salvation Army323-5608/323-2345 2.The Salvation Army NoNAME OF SHELTERADDRESSS 5.Peoples Haitian Baptist Church NoNAME OF SHELTER Catholic Church Nicholls Town Primary School District:  Ragged Island District Church of God ofProphecy NoNAME OF SHELTERADDRESSS 4.Voice of Deliverance 5.Seventh Day Adventist Church NoNAME OF SHELTER 17.Mt. Oliveth Baptist ChurchStaniel Cay 5.Mount Sinai Baptist Church Calvary Haitian Baptist Church 21New Providence Community Centre327-1660 4.Mt. Carmel Baptist Church 6.St. Theresa’s Catholic Centre 7. 6.St. Mark’s Native Baptist Church 20Church of God of Prophecy327-4886 NoNAME OF SHELTERADDRESSS 5.Senior’s Recreational Centre THE FAMILY ISLANDS  8 13Mt. 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August 29 2011Congratulations to the July 24 201

first_imgAugust 29, 2011Congratulations to the July 24. 2011 workshop participants upon their graduation:[back from left]:Flavio Borrelli from Italy stays on for a graphics internship, Shane Renfro continues as a volunteer in construction, Laura Mancini and Sara Giorgetti from Italy.[middle from left]:Keith Travis, Georgia Belliveau, and Costanza Greco from Italy.[front from left]:hiding behind his graduation certificate is Aaron Lumpe, Kristalee Berger from Canada, Zoe Middlebrooks stays on to work in the bronze foundry.[not in the photo, also graduated]:Devon Gastineau, who originally came for 2 weeks, continues as a volunteer in construction.last_img

center_img Will President Trump’s enemies stop at NOTHING?They’ve bombarded President Trump with subpoenas… They’ve threatened him with impeachment… And now, they’re trying to go after “the economic security of America’s working families.” But if they think they can get away with this, they’ve got another thing coming… • I bring this up because Jeff sees serious trouble on the horizon again… Just look at this chart that he shared with his readers last week… It shows the performance of the S&P 500 over the past year:When I saw this chart, I knew I had to share it with you… for a couple reasons.One, most investors have the bulk of their wealth tied up in large U.S. stocks. The other reason was Jeff’s description of this chart. He called the pattern you’re looking at “ominous.” Here’s why:In technical terms, this is called a “double top” pattern, with the first top forming last September/October, and the second top forming this month. Typically, the two “tops” are separated by a decline of anywhere from 10% to 20%.This is a bearish pattern that can indicate the reversal from a bull trend to a bear trend. So it’s worth paying attention to.• The good news is that the S&P 500 hasn’t broken through its support yet… That’s the red line in the chart above. You can see that it’s sitting at around 2,800.Yesterday, the S&P 500 closed at 2,840. So it’s dangerously close to breaking its critical support.If it does break below this level, Jeff says investors could be in “big trouble.”To understand why, look at this other chart that Jeff shared last Wednesday. It shows the S&P 500’s performance during 2007: Here’s another chart that Jeff shared on Wednesday. This one shows the S&P 500’s performance during 2000:Notice anything?Both charts feature double top patterns like we’re seeing today.• Now, I probably don’t need to remind you what happened in 2000 and 2007… But here’s a quick recap just in case.The dot-com bubble popped in 2000. The S&P 500 went on to plunge 49% over the next two years.The S&P 500 also topped out in 2007. It went on to plunge 57% over the next two years.Now, it’s too early to say if the same thing will happen this year. But Jeff says, “Investors are going to be in for some pain later this year” if that happens.So be sure to take precautions if you haven’t yet. Here are a couple simple ways to do that:Hold extra cash. This will cushion you against big losses should stocks keep falling. It will also give you dry powder to buy stocks when better opportunities present themselves.Own physical gold. As we often point out, gold is real money. It has preserved wealth for centuries because it’s a unique asset. It’s durable, easily divisible, and easy to transport. It has also survived every major financial crisis in history. This makes it the ultimate safe-haven asset.• I also encourage you to tune in to Jeff’s live event tomorrow at 8 p.m. ET… As I said, Jeff says a major crash is around the corner. And those who act now can save their entire portfolio. In fact, if you know what you’re doing, you can potentially make life-changing gains.Tomorrow night, Jeff will publicly predict the exact day stocks could plummet.Not only that, Jeff will share a five-minute shortcut to using the technique he’s been using for 30 years, which could help you double your money… 10 different times… as the crash unfolds.This is a must-see event for all Dispatch readers. Make sure you reserve your spot right here.Regards,Justin Spittler Delray Beach, Florida May 21, 2019Reader MailbagReaders write in with praise for Doug Casey’s recent interview warning of the Democrats’ “freak show”:Great essay, Doug, which I intend to send to all my now-adult kids. I believe that our nation’s direction can end in only one way – dissolution, but this time without the wild murder and mayhem that accompanied the first attempt. The invasion across our mainly southern borders likely will provide the spark that will ignite the fire. Our nation was founded as a Euro-white nation – all newcomers were expected and had no choice but to learn our language and adopt our ways. Some could not and eventually return to the old country, including my old grandfather, who left late in life and eventually croaked there. The idiotically suicidal mantra that “Diversity is our strength” is literally tearing our nation apart. Certainly, diversity in talents, skills, interests, and preferences is essential to any advanced and functioning society, but diversity in basic moral values, sometimes even in religious beliefs, is looking for, and often finding, big trouble. Always look forward to and enjoy your columns. – John Click here to continue reading — By Justin Spittler, editor, Casey Daily DispatchThe trade war is heating up.Just turn on the television. It’s on every channel.Of course, many people (wisely) choose to tune out the mainstream media. So let me bring you up to speed.On May 10, President Trump raised tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports from 10% to 25%. As a result, $250 billion worth of Chinese goods is now subject to U.S. tariffs.China didn’t take this lightly. It responded by slapping tariffs on $60 billion worth of U.S. goods.In other words, the trade deal talks with China seem to have fallen apart.• I don’t need to tell you why this is bad for business… It’s obvious.Tariffs, which are basically taxes on foreign goods, interfere with trade. They make buying goods made in other countries more expensive.Trade wars are also bad for stocks… as we’ve seen lately.Just look at this chart. It shows the performance of the S&P 500 over the last three months:You can see it’s down 4% this month.That’s a big move.It caught many investors by surprise… including myself.last_img read more