College Football Union

first_imgNorthwestern University’s football team tried to declare themselves a union.  Last week their request was denied by the court system because they are not considered state employees.  The whole idea behind the union was to get more money allocated to student athletes.As a result of Northwestern’s action, the NCAA agreed to allow their Division I schools to provide a stipend to each athlete amounting to between 3,000 and 5,500 dollars based on the cost of the school they attend.  This money can be used to be paid for books, incidentals, room and board if not already furnished, etc.You might ask that if these students have a full ride to college why they need the extra money.  You have to realize that if you are a member of a major college athletic team you have committed yourself to a 12-month season.  There are no such things as a 2-3 month commitment any more.  Therefore, these athletes cannot get part-time jobs nor any other form of income like a regular college student could do.last_img read more