Moroccans Use Facebook to Support US Law on Gay Marriage

Rabat – U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Friday to legalize same-sex marriage across the United States. To mark the occasion, many Moroccans decorated their Facebook profiles with the LGBT rainbow flag.The decision ruling that all the 50 states must issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples has prompted many Moroccans to use a recently unveiled Facebook feature called “Let’s Celebrate Pride” which allows users to put a rainbow filter over their profile pictures.The feature has been widely used by Moroccans to show support to the gay cause in Morocco and elsewhere, especially as the timing of the decision coincides with LGBT Pride Month. Facebook users in Morocco rainbowfied their profile pictures by laying the iconic flag, which represents the diversity of the LGBT community, over their existing avatars.“I put the rainbow flag over my profile picture because I defend the freedom of people marrying whoever they want to marry regardless of their sexual orientations,” Fatima-ezzahra Abkari, a Paris-based Moroccan journalism student, told Morocco World News. “Love has no limits, no boundaries and no religion,” she added.When asked whether Morocco should one day follow in the footsteps of the United States and legalize same-sex marriage, Abkari deemed the idea as far-fetched, saying Morocco has a culture that is different from other countries.“We should only deal with the mentality and accept members of the LGBT community as normal persons,” she said.In addition to Facebook, Twitter has also enabled its users to join the movement by adding a rainbow heart to any tweet with the hashtag #LoveWins.Many organizations and tech companies have also cheered the decision, including the White House, Apple, Twitter and Facebook. read more