8 soulcrushing realisations about department stores

first_img5. You will see at least 6 children dying of boredomThis will bring back painful memories of your own childhood, sitting under a rack of skirts in Arnotts, or Switzers, or Guineys for what seemed like days.6. You’re going to be disappointed by your visit to the caféLocated on the 5th floor, department store cafés are where paninis and bakewell tarts go to die.You will be so parched by the 69 degree celsius heat in the store though, that you’ll be glad to choke back a €2.79 sparkling water. Source: WordPress7. There’s never a bunch of lost priests in the lingerie sectionNo matter how hard you look.8. You’re never going to get locked in overnightThis was your childhood dream, right? Ours too.You’d be able to eat all the pick n mix: Source: EEPaulJump on all the beds: Source: thinkretailAnd play with all the toys: Source: roboppyShare your department store experiences in the comment section. And if you ever got locked in overnight, you’re our hero…9 reasons shopping is a special brand of horror>20 things you’ll find in an Irish shopping centre>16 reasons to hate doing the ‘big shop’> CLERY’S IS BACK in business today after several months out of action.We welcome back the Dublin institution with open arms, but not all department store experiences are as joyous as a jaunt in under the famous clock.It’s time we came to terms with them…1. They’re lying to usLOOK AT THIS! Source: Imgur2. You’ll never be able to fold the shirts the way they doYou can watch all the videos you want, but you’ll never get there. Source: LOLbrary.com3. Don’t turn rightDepartment stores place all of their best swag to the right of the door, because they count on you to turn right. Source: GifbinWhy not stick it to the man and turn left. I’M SPARTACUS!4. You’ll find the ‘up’ escalator easily enough…… but it’s trickier to find the ‘down’ because THEY NEVER WANT YOU TO LEAVE.last_img read more