Rare Moroccan Manuscripts to Be Displayed in Paris

By Safaa KasraouiRabat – In coordination with Arab World Institute of Paris, the Direction of Royal Archives will organize an event on Moroccan rare manuscripts March 22 to 6 April in Paris.The event, entitled “Rare and unpublished manuscripts”, will feature several sacred books, historical documents and scientific works reflecting the different currents of thought that flourished in Morocco. Three ancient unpublished sacred books will be featured in the exhibition: a Koran in parchment, a Gospel translated into Arabic and a parchment scroll of the Torah.The event will also showcase documents of the various scientific disciplines that thrived in Morocco, such as “al-tasrif liman ‘ajaza ‘ani at-t’aleef” by Abu Al-Qasim Khalaf Ibn Abbas al-zahrawi and “Kitab fi A’mal Al-hissab” by Abi Al-Abbas Ahmed Ibn Otman Al-Azdi.Other books related to astronomy, agriculture, architecture will also be on display.The exhibition will also highlight arts related to the production of books, such as calligraphy, decorations and gilding. read more